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Friday, September 16, 2011

New Majority in Denmark: Breed Ban Repealed?

Denmark has a new government after yesterdays election. Could this mean Denmark will now repeal it's breed ban? Before and during the election campaign we sure got the impression the new government would repeal the breed ban, once they were in power.

Let's help them remember what they promised. I changed the petition letter to target the new politicians responsible for animal welfare in the new government like this:

Dear Bjarne Laustsen and Kristen Touborg,
Congratulations with your victory in the recent Danish elections.
I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the still on-going suffering of dogs and dog owners in Denmark. Suffering that was caused by the discriminatory BSL laws (hundelov) implemented by the former Danish government.  I read the reports by Cecilie Thorslund "Danish breed ban rests on historically thin basis" and the recent research of the Danish association "Fair Dog" documenting that dog bite incidents still increase even one year after BSL was implemented in Denmark.

I am writing to you to ask you to re-evaluate the Danish BSL, as you promised during the elections. That BSL doesn't work is the experience from other countries too, like Holland and Scotland, which are a lot like yours. Although BSL does not make people feel more safe and decrease the number of dog bites, it does lead to endless suffering of individual dogs and dog owners, who have done nothing wrong. A new legislation where the deed is punished and not the breed, is needed.

Every time the petition is signed, the politicians responsible for animal welfare in the new government, will receive the above e-mail.

Keep on voting!

 Bjarne Laustsen

Animal welfare spokesman for the political party, The Social Democrats
Kristen Touborg

Animal welfare spokesman for the political party, the Socialist People's Party.


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  1. That's wonderful news -- and a terrific letter. I hope this election has made a difference! If you would like to use my BSL article to send to them, I'm happy to get it to you in whatever format you like, including photocopies that you can make from a scan.

  2. Thanks for the offer Edie! I have the PDF, and realize my two new best friends haven't got a copy yet! It is on the way :)

  3. Yes, that's right -- I forgot! It's a proof, so there are a few typos but I don't think all of them were corrected anyway -- much to my annoyance -- so it's definitely good enough to get the point across.

  4. That's a very eloquent letter. Good for you for reminding the politicians of their promises.

    I hope to see happy news here sometime soon.

  5. Excellent! We'll keep our fingers (and paws) crossed that they make good on their promise and get rid of the ban.

  6. Wonderful! We many finally have some good news!

  7. Congrats on your new government! I like your newly drafted letter, I'm positive that it will make a difference.

  8. When I heard about the new government on Friday, I immediately thought of you and was full of the same home. It will be interesting to see what happens here. I am crossing my fingers they will make the logical choice.


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