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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Life Changed

I open my eyes and have a peek around me from under the covers. No wonder I am feeling so warm. Tilde is laying curled up between my legs and Zerline is laying fully stretched out on my side. I feel her warm breath blowing in my neck.

I sleep a lot. Ever since that day in the beginning of October where I survived a heart attack and they performed a PCI on me. With a lot I really mean a lot. I sleep most of the day. The heart took a hit, it functions only on one third of its former capacity. It will get better in time though, the docters told me.

Ofcourse I had to learn the hard way. On day one after leaving the hospital I went for a walk with the girls only to quickly find myself out of breath. My former body could push on, the new one couldn't, it just got dizzy and failed. It was a new reality. Life had changed. Not being able to walk the dogs was a shock, a crippling reality.

I had no other choice than to adjust. So did the girls. They quickly followed this new routine of sleeping a lot. I actually think they liked the fact I was joining them in all the naps they take during the day. We found a solution for our beach trips too.

We take the car and drive to a beach 15 km south of her where cars are allowed on the beach. I drive to a spot where we can be alone and there I just let them out. I shuffle a little through the sand in a pathetic pace, but the girls grab the opportunity to rough-house with each other, chase seagulls and scavenge for crabs. When we return to the car they feel fulfilled.

Later on the day I make one more trip. We mostly make some fun and do some tricks, I couldn't even measure it in miles. But we have to be patient, better times are around the corner. I hope we can at least do a 5 km walk again soon.
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