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Monday, January 7, 2013

Miracles Do Happen: Thor Is Alive

Photo: Tim K. Jensen, Fyns Amts Avis

Denmark. Monday, January 7, 14:00. Instead of an execution, a miracle happened. Thor is safe and alive. On the photo you'll see Thor reunited with his owner Leslie Jørgensen, after the police decided to postpone their plans to kill him while the legal proceedings are still ongoig. Thor and Leslie shared a short moment, after which Thor went back into custody again. But he was alive. What a roller coaster Leslie must have gone through today. I can't even start to imagine how he must have felt to see Thor alive on the very day that should have been his last. See also this video about their short reunion.


It became a social media miracle. The Danish organisation Fair Dog, that helps Leslie with legal support, sparked a protest as soon as they found out Thor might be killed despite their best efforts to find a legal solution. During the most of Sunday, social media was buzzing with activity. You were sharing, signing petitions, liking and expressing opinions for Thor. At the end of the day, the media started to pick up on all the social media activity, and papers and television - even beyond the Danish borders, especially in Germany and Austria - started reporting the events at early daybreak on Monday. And when the media moves, politicians move - unfortunately the same effect that got us in this mess in the first place, but I ignore that for now - Finally, the Danish police buckled under the pressure and announced not to kill Thor.

Thor is still breathing. The fight goes on. Not only for Thor, but for all banned dogs in Denmark. And for all mutts, because Thor is a crossbreed. Although I couldn't care less if he is a mutt or a banned breed. He is a dog and never hurt another dog or person


Thor's story so far resembles the start of the story of Lennox in Belfast. Lennox was kept in the pound for years while lawyers had their fight. In the end, I felt Lennox was a double victim. A victim of the discriminatory laws that in the end claimed his life. And also a victim of our own projections that we must save him no matter what, and from lawyers that wanted a case to create a precedent. All with the best intentions of course. It made Lennox suffer longer then was necessary. For Lennox our higher purposes had no meaning. He suffered too long and I wish it to be different for Thor. Would lawsuites take too long, we should ask ourselves, what it will mean for Thor if we continue. But that is not for me or you to decide. That's Leslie's decision. I wish Leslie a lot of wisdom in the time that lays ahead.


Maybe the most eye-catching observation we can make after this turbulent weekend is that the Danish authorities actually listened. That's a first. That means there still is hope. When the breed ban is re-evaluated in July this year, we maybe could have a chance to look at a good outcome? To be continued I am sure. Although the person that was totally absent through all the unfolding events was Mette Gjerskov, the Danish Minsiter of Agriculture and Animal Welfare. Again. She is ever silent when it comes to dogs and the breed ban, busy running around in the EU making sure life-stock cages grow an inch each century, and protecting mink-farming euros in Denmark. I'll come back to that in a follow-up post. Let's first celebrate.

Thank you Fair Dog. Thank you Facebook, Twitter, Social media. But foremost, Thank You. Thank you for caring and shouting. You did it. You made a difference.


Fair Dog started a Facebook page and a blog in English you might want to follow for updates. Please "like" them on Facebook and subscribe to the blog. It is still under construction so bare with them, but more info will follow soon.

I couldn't pass you all the press links about this story even if I would want to, there are just too many. Maybe these two, because they have wonderful pictures of the moment Thor was reunited with Leslie:
Thor and owner reunited
Dog sentenced to death: farewell became goodbye



  1. What happy, happy news! Hopefully Thor is the first of many. Thank you for working so hard to spread awareness toward real change.

  2. Great news. The problem though it is only the beginning. Here you can have a dangerous breed dog but you need a special licence and you need to adhere to special conditions like muzzling in public. If you stick to these this problem does not arise. Unfortunately many do not. Thanks for sharing. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. A good ending, for now. You really put so much effort and heart in this, Leo. Kudos! Social media definitely has its plus points. All the best for a good final outcome x

  4. I hate the Danish breed ban so much! I hope that 2013 will be the year where the politicians will realize that it's the dumbest law we've ever had. It needs to be repealed and it needs to be done NOW! I'm so happy that Thor's case got so much attention! The pressure put onto the police and Danish politicians in this case did so much for him (and the rest of us fighting against this ridiculous ban) and I'm so happy that he's safe... at least for now. Let's hope that the government wakes up and gets rid of this stupid law asap! : D

  5. Thank you for sharing the news about Thor.

    But you're right that there is still potential for much to go wrong. Especially if there is a drawn out legal battle. It's hard to know what is the best action to take for one dog. I agree that Leslie may have some hard decisions ahead of him.

    I hope the media interest is a sign of coming change.

  6. This is good news, and not at the same time. I wish that Thor would be allowed to stay with his family while the legal issues are worked out in court. In the meantime, this poor dog is being held with no understanding of why this is happening to him. It seems there's a good opportunity to re-assess this law in July. I hope the Danish government does the right thing for Thor and all the dogs who would be persecuted under this law.

  7. Whew. It's great to hear that he is still alive, but I agree with Amy that I wish that Thor was allowed to be with his family while the legal issues are pending. People are allowed to be out on bail - why not dogs?

  8. nice post, greetings from Poland, we are also with other dogs


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