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Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Call of the West Coast

We had a great time during the last three weeks on the island of Sealand. It did the girls a lot of good to experience a change of surroundings, have people and other dogs venture right outside of our front door.

We reacquainted with some family much to the girls delight, they love reunions. Although we missed Emil, but I hope we can make that up soon. Tilde would otherwise never forgive me.

We witnessed the start of Spring and could spent most of our time outside while nature erupted in colors and smells around us. The lush nature in Sealand stands in sharp contrast with the barren land we usually experience when we go out of the door. We made many short walks to the nearby beach. The lack of wind and waves on the calm water of the "Øresund" which connects Kattegat with the Baltic Sea, was soothing and welcoming. It seemed almost surreal, to visit this Nordic Garden of Eden.

During the last couple of days, we have been hearing the call to return to our little wind-swept place on earth. The girls probably missed their off-leash walks, to feel the elements and taste the sand and salt, to witness the arrival of Spring announced through the thickest of sea mist and a fresh ocean breeze, to have my recall attempts muffled by the roaring surf of the North Sea.

The attraction of the West-coast is mystical and not meant to be understood. It is present in both dog and man, something we can share without knowing why. The West Coast calls and we must answer. She will not be welcoming and hospitable. She will ground me whether I like it or not. The girls will be in their element over there. They have a freedom no place could ever match. A place where they still can be dog.

Her call makes me restless. I am looking forward to return. The girls will be thrilled to return too. Still I am glad for the break we took and that we could update our relationship with the civilized world. The girls are both very outgoing and have been happy for the company. They like the solitude of our daily life but haven't lost any of their social appetite. A paw in the best of both worlds, is what they seem to prefer.


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  5. How come I have only just seen this post Leo? It is lovely to read your writing again (even if this is now four years old....) I think of you all often xxx A special hug to Tilde.

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