Dog trains man


She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Bard - the Herd-Wart - is brave enough to explore the mysteries of cat body language. She does love you, Bard. It is a cat thing.
The Herd-Wart

Bard wants to be a Herd-Wart. And he is not doing bad at all for a Hovawart!
Boxing Match

Ladies and Gentlemen. In the left corner, weighing 78 pounds, Kenzo! And in the right corner, weighing only 56 pounds ... Tilde!

When you want to do some rafting, and don't want to paddle yourself. You could always ask your dog...
Need For Speed

The scenery of the Swiss Alps might be distracting as they flash by. If your dog had a bucket list, would this be on it?
Grey Muzzle

Like wrinkles, the grey muzzle should merely indicate where the smiles have been.
Puppy Avalanche

Ready? ... Set ... avalanche!
Now get that smile off your face!
Scuba Wart

Probably the most busy Hovawart among us, Kim, takes some time off from housekeeping and rescuing, and goes scuba diving.
Day At The Beach

Kenzo ... excuse me ... Kenzo "Jay M." the Hovawart ... is sooo jealous right now
Best Friends

I know. I featured a video of a Hovawart and a cat playing before. I can't help myself, it is just too cute.
Synchronized Swimming

A new dog sport?
Interior Dog-orating

What a way to welcome the new puppy. Odin sets a new standard!
Water Slide

Something to look forward to, with summer on the way. Don't break any legs now.
The Housekeeper

You're just gonna love this.
Don't Try This With Your Hovawart

Could you do this without the vacuum cleaner getting hurt?
Cliff's Smile

A smile can mean so much. In Cliff's case, it means the world.
Hovie Zoomies

Heban gives an excellent display of the Hovie Zoomies. Ready? Set. Go!
He's back

Remember the fearless toddler opening that car hatch full of Hovawarts? He's back!
Hovie Fairy Tale

Winter, puppies, Hovawarts. Pinch me, is this heaven?
Sand Paintings

This Hovawart can draw sand paintings, zig zag style.
Rescue Bloopers

Hovawart Kim is a rescue dog in Slovenia, and she has her own promotion film - with a wink. Fearless, courageous, excellent smell ... and foremost, a healthy sense of humor.
Blonds Have More Jump

Diamond is a blond Hovie with a slight energy surplus. Red Bull gives you wings?
Obedience Is Fun

Hovawart Maya showcases that obedience can be fun, and all you need is a toy or two.

They look good and they can save lives. Take that Pamela Anderson.
Run Keiler Run

So you are 9 year old. A former puppy mill dog. A retired therapy dog. An artificial hip due to hip dysplasia (HD). And you still love a run with dad for charity.
Guarding Dutiezzz

It can be tough to be on guard duty. Even for a Hovawart. There goes a rep as ultimate watch dog out of the window.
Scratch Me Up

When you play with a Hovawart like this, it must be comforting to know you have 9 lives.
Hovawart in the Surf

It's Kenzo! ... back at the beach in Kijkduin, Holland. Kenzo is having a blast. Jumping waves, swimming, fetching, taking muddy baths and enjoying his pal Joska.
How Many Hovawarts Fit In a Car?

No, not three, that would be too easy. The trailing picture of the video is misleading. Have a look, and let's acknowledge that is one fearless toddler opening the hatch.


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