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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hovawart weather

Winter came early this year. It started snowing last week and we already have a nice white cover of 12 inches (30 cms) deep. As soon as the first snow is falling, Kenzo and Viva are excited like little children to come out and play. Hovawarts are playful by nature, and snow is the ultimate on their fun scale.

Their thick coat makes them oblivious of the sharp cold, and they seem to enjoy a temperature of 23F (-5C) as if it is wearing-your-shorts-for-the-first-time-weather. How different in the summer. Where temperatures above 77F (25C) sends them into some kind of summer hibernation. The less you move, the better, is their motto then.
All the excitement makes them forget how to heel and to go without pulling the leash. I indulge them and set up my own pace instead. People are laughing at us when they see us pass by. Two Hovawarts plowing through the snow dragging me along. But the fun outweighs the embarrassment by far.

Kenzo and Viva also seem to think that the snow is especially laid down by the squirrel and rodent God himself, and continuously dive into the snow when they pick up a scent. Could they be hiding here? Or here!
During winter they salt the roads a lot in Denmark, which is not good for their paws. Therefore all our walks in the winter are out in forests and the country side, adding to the fun.

Would the snow last until March like last year? Kenzo and Viva definitely hope so.



  1. Oh wow, I can't show this to our guys, they'd be so jealous! :-) We got a tiny bit here and it's not going to last.

    You guys have fun! :-)

  2. How much fun is that;-D We've had no snow at all here in Chicago...Tashi, as little as his Shih Tzu self is, loves snow! I envy your play time!

  3. Fantastic pics. Kenzo & Viva sure look like they're made for playing in the snow!

    Certainly beats the few inches of snow we've got here... Not so sure my greyhounds would like snow quite that deep though ;-)

  4. It's always fun to see the winter come. The cold weather always gets the dogs in the mood for a good romp and when the first snow finally does come it's like watching a child on Christmas morning.

    Thanks for sharing a preview of hopefully, what will come for us later this season.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the joy with us!

  6. Oh! What great fun! May your snow last till June, Kenzo and Vivs! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

  7. i saw on the news today that snow has come really early to europe, and not just light snow but big thick chunks of it! i guess kenzo and viva will be having fun for a while yet. :)

  8. This looks like so much fun! I am wishing for snow in a really bad way. I live in Canada, we're supposed to be three feet deep by now! It's horribly unfair.

    I love playing with my dog in the snow drifts. She loves when I throw snowballs or kick large wafts in the air in front of her. It's priceless. At least some of us are out there enjoying the fun!

  9. What great pictures! I love your description of Kenzo and Viva. Clearly, they have something in common with my dogs. Even my little Boston Terrier client, Ozy, was quite playful with our first snow. It's fun to watch them in their silliness isn't it?

  10. Wow, you guys have a lot of snow! In Toronto, we have nothing and that's fine by me :) Kenzo & Viva look like they are having a great time.

  11. I'm glad you're having fun in the snow! I don't care for it much myself.

    We've started a week of giveaways at, so stop by & you could be a winner!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. Those are great photos! I don't think Becky remembers snow from last yr (she was only 7mths then). Hate salted roads too!

  13. Hi Kenzo. You haven't posted in a while. Just wanted you to know that, once again, I have linked you in a post. Miss your insights! They have been so useful to Georgia.

    Hope you are all well. Have a lovely Christmas! Hope to 'meet' you again in the new year :) xox

  14. Hi Georgia, all is well thank you! I expect to stumble upon something new to write soon. Thank you for following :) Have a great christmas!

  15. You Lucky LUCKY ducky!! No snow for me. All sun!


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