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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Dog and a Rescue

The story of Shiloh is about the spirit of a dog and the love of a rescue.

Whoever it was that named her Shiloh - the place where Mozes took the Ark - couldn't have picked a better name. Already diagnosed with hip dysplasia at the young age of 1½ year, her chances for a fulfilling life seemed non-existing. Not for Shiloh. She defied all odds and made an unbelievable come-back. Fighting her way through the surgeries and rehabilitation programs without loosing her spirit and sweet character. Her special affectionate personality left intact. Today Shiloh is fully recovered from her ordeal and waiting for adoption.

The rescue that took her in, project HALO, fought the battle together with Shiloh. Understaffed and under-financed, they did everything in their power to help Shiloh. It took them more than a year. They cared for her in foster, spreading the word and organizing fund raisers for the necessary surgeries and treatment. When the funds finally came available they helped her through two FHO surgeries, one for each hip, and the following long rehabilitation back to a life with proper use of both legs.

Lets write a happy end to this story together. Spread the word. Retweet, like, and share Shiloh's story. And she will find a home.

Update January 2012: Shiloh adopted after 2 years


If you are interested in adopting Shiloh please visit to fill out an application or contact Rhonda at for more information



  1. What an amazing dog with such a sweet face! We have re-Tweeted in the hopes of finding Shiloh a wonderful forever home. Thank you for sharing her story.

  2. It's a wonderful cause. Where is Shiloh living? I saw that Project HALO was based in North Carolina. Is that where Shiloh is?

  3. @FiveSibesMom
    She is such a sweetheart, almost hard to believe she hasn't been able to find a new home yet.
    Thank you so much for the re-tweet!

    Shiloh is in foster with one of the founders of project HALO, Charlotte, North-Carolina.

  4. Awww, what a beautiful fighter she is!! I just got a 2 year old rescue dog in one of my classes who has mild hip dysplasia but severe arthritis in the knees... it hurts to see a dog so full of life really struggling to make their body do what they want... here's to hoping she gets an awesome home soon!

  5. Awww, what a beauty. If we didn't have a home with young kids and a lot of chaos, we'd take her in a moment! I'll pass this on to someone here who is very involved in the Hovie world, maybe she'll know someone...

  6. Retweeted that lovely pup! Maybe this will be her lucky weekend :)

  7. Shiloh looks like a great dog. I hope she finds an awesome home!

    I found you through the blog hop. Thanks for helping spread the word about rescue animals that need homes.

    Mary Hunter

  8. Wow, what a terrific program. Congratulations go to the hard-working, dedicated, and not thanked enough people who saw her through her surgeries and made sure Shiloh was going to be okay. They are heroes.

    I hope your post will help. In fact, I am sure it will. Shiloh is a special dog who deserves a very special home.

  9. @Vicky
    Thanks for spreading the word!

    Thanks for stopping by Mary, I couldn't imagine it to work out differently :)

    Heroes indeed, well said!

  10. @successjustclicks
    Hip dysplasia forms a lot of arthritis unfortunately. Seeing young dogs suffer from it is heartbreaking. Thankfully there are good treatments (no cure) like glucosamine and acupuncture for it.

  11. @Kelsey
    You found out she was a Hovie! Please do that. I dont ask you who that very involved person in the Hovie world is. But I would love, if she/he sees this, to leave a comment and get in touch :)

  12. Thank you for sharing Shiloh's story and for introducing me to the awesome efforts of Project HALO!

    Shiloh is beautiful and has a bright future ahead of her. When my dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in 1998, I was told there was nothing to be done and that it would complicate and shorten his life. He was 2. He lived to be almost 14 and did amazingly well despite his osteoarthritis. Dogs have an incredible capacity to overcome their odds and now thanks to Project HALO, Shiloh is ahead of the game. Go get 'em girl! I hope your forever family is just around the next corner.

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  13. Thank you for sharing Shiloh's story... I've re-Tweeted your post, and I hope that she finds a forever home soon.

  14. @Chandra
    Thanks for you nice words. That is so encouraging to hear. Getting 14 despite hip dysplasia and ostearthritis (my Viva has that too). Dogs are amazing.

    @Pup fan
    Thanks for the help in spreading the word. I am sure it will help her find a home.

  15. I also tweeted this. I hope Shiloh will find her home and her health problems will go away. She is a very strong dog to have gone through all that.

  16. I will definitely join you in helping spread the word about Shiloh. I can see in her face that she is a sweetheart.

  17. Awww, we hope she finds a great home soon! She deserves lots of love.

  18. It is odd that Shiloh hasn't found a home yet, maybe it's a breed thing? People don't know much about Hovawarts so they might hesitate to adopt. She seems like a perfectly nice dog and has a *very* happy face. I'll keep tweeting for you, I'm sure that her new home is right around the corner!

  19. I hope a compassionate person finds Shiloh soon. Kudos to Project HALO for getting helping her come this far. That beautiful face deserves to be loved. Let's hope Blog the Change truly changes Shiloh's life. Best of luck, sweet girl.


  20. Shiloh is beautiful! Project HALO represents so many rescues out there, making do with the little they have but doing so much! For the love of animals.
    Shiloh, your forever home is near!!

  21. @Karen
    Could be, many people have never heard of a Hovawart. Thanks for continue tweeting about her!

    Thanks for stopping by Kim. Blog the Change helped once before for Shiloh by giving the publicity necessary to raise the funds for her last surgery. If she would get adopted to that would be an awesome result for Btc.

    Thanks for your support, I just saw your tweet too :)

  22. Shiloh is such a cutie...retweeting and hoping she finds a forever home soon!

  23. @Lorie
    Hi there! Thanks for your help spreading the word.

  24. What a sweet pup! She looks like she has alot of love to give the right family. May they find her soon! I had never heard of a Hovawart. Adorable dogs...I'm off to google and learn some more :)

  25. Hey, Leo - I shared this on FB, maybe someone will see a lovely dog ready to be re-homed. I know you have been tweeting about her for awhile glad that Project Halo fixed her up and hope your post and all the shares that come from it get her adopted!

  26. @Kolchak
    Thanks! Btw you don't have to google, all the info on Hovawarts is right here on this blog :)

    Thanks for sharing on Facebook Mary. You are right, we have been tweeting and writing about Shiloh for a long time. I really hope that now she is fully recovered, it makes the difference to get her adopted.

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