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Friday, February 4, 2011

Introducing Diva the Mystery Mutt

Diva the Mystery Mutt
This is our entry for the Mystery Mutt Tour, where you can name the breeds of mystery dogs.

We are featuring .... Diva ! Isn't she absolutely gorgeous?

We stumbled upon Diva on Twitter through her dad Matthias Maly-Persy, an Austrian national who could speak Dutch, which caught my attention as Dutch is my mother-tongue. As it turned out, Matthias also had this wonderful "mutt" called Diva.

Can you guess which breeds are in her roots? Diva is 8 years old, 23 inches (59 cms) high by the shoulders and weighs 60 lbs (29 kilo).

To tell you some more that might help you analyze or guess her roots, Diva has an instinct for guarding around the house and hunting/tracking. She isn't a great retriever and also feels no need to herd. Yet Matthias never explored any herding instinct Diva might have any further (hint, hint). She is slightly shy of character, but very social towards people and dogs. Children can sometimes be too overwhelming, and she will quietly leave if she thinks their presence is too much.

Diva with Matthias in the Austrian landscape ... wow!
Diva loves to engage together with her family in the wonderful nature of Austria. She enjoys long walks in the woods and some swimming. Diva loves to jump over and through obstacles during the walks and create her very own improvised agility track.

Diva's favorite past time is to sing along with Matthias when he plays the piano! And she has great taste too, her favorite song is "Jump" from Van Halen, how cool is that?

Matthias had a big scare when Diva one time followed her hunting/tracking spirit in unknown territory and disappeared out of sight. It took 4 pain staking days until Diva was found again, as she happily returned by herself not far from the place they have seen her last.

Look closely, what do you see?
One other time Diva jumped on the edge of a cliff, slipped and fell 40 feet (12 m) down into the Danube river. But she is a great swimmer, and returned to the shore unharmed before Matthias could take his boots off to jump after her. She acted like it was intentional and couldn't understand what all the fuzz was about.

What breeds do you think can be found in Diva? Looking forward to your suggestions! The name of this blog might look like a giveaway, but it is not, there are 4 breeds in all you could find in Diva.

A big thanks to Edie, Peggy and Pup Fan, for organizing this fun Magical Mystery Mutt Tour.



  1. first of all, can i say what a beautiful dog diva is? that first picture...:)

    you already know she has 4 breeds in her, kenzo? she's probably a mix of some obscure european tracking/herding dogs we've never heard of, right? :P

    i'm going to guess hovawart! german shepherd, belgian shepherd and, just for good measure, ovcharka!

    plus a good dose of suicidal, adrenalin junkie dog breed.

  2. She is beautiful!

    Ok my guess is shepard, rottie, collie, and, and I can't think of the fourth!!!

  3. Perfect name her--Diva. I'm also totally in love with her homeland; the mountains are magnificent!

    Happy tails!

  4. Those eyes are amazing! I'm hoping there is some lab in there, because her expression reminds me of my yellow lab. Maybe shepherd and collie or some other type of herding dog I've never heard of! Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  5. The tail and markings make me think Shepherd mix? Whatever she is, she's gorgeous!

  6. Definitely some Shepherd... perhaps Bernese Mountain Dog?

  7. Four breeds, eh? I don't know... She is certainly beautiful. The kind of dog I would love to give a giant hug. But of course I would hold myself back. ;-)

    How about Belgian Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Finnish Lapphund, and um, Entlebucher. Wouldn't that be one awesome mutt?

  8. Wow you people are good at this! The Hovawart part wad a giveaway, but I have seen already two of the other breeds correctly mentioned: German Shepherd and Border Collie. I would never have guessed the Border Collie myself, you guys rock!

    And Georgia mentioning the Ovchatka and Kristine the Entlebucher, those where some great guesses I didn't see coming. Very creative!

    Only 8 hours into the challenge, and I only find us left with one breed not guessed yet !

  9. Totally stumped, but then again I don't know what a Hovawort is supposed to look like! :) He's stunning though! Love the shot in the mountains! Put a little casket of brandy on him, and he'd be a mountain rescue dog!

  10. German Shepherd and Bernese Mountain dog? I have no idea!

  11. I can see the shepherd and had no idea what a Hovawort looked like. There are some build characteristics similar to my Anatolian but I think we are looking for a 4th breed with a long coat.
    We covered herding and guarding, so need a breed that loves swimming and tracking. I can't see bloodhound. I want to think the 4th part was mixed with the Border, so will guess Collie. Lassie was a tracker.

  12. Those are great guesses, I can definitely understand you can see Bernese Moutain Dog and Collie.

    But unfortunately it is not the name of the 4th breed.

    To give you some more clues, the 4th breed is an all-round hunting dog, with roots in Germany ...

  13. I'm not going to guess because others are far more breed savvy than I am. I just came by to say hi, and thank you for bringing a mixed-up friend to these festivities.

    How's Viva?

  14. I would have thought Turveren as the fourth but that would be Belgian, not German.

    I can't wait for the big reveal.

  15. I think that the fourth breed is German shorthair pointer!

  16. Now you've done it. I won't be able to sleep without knowing and I'm SO TIRED!

    I MUST know the 4th (you're good kenzo, this is the best game yet!) After another round of googling, I will guess the last breed as German long haired pointer.

    Can't wait to find out what it is :)

  17. It is amazing how good you guys are at this, the German pointer comes so close! It actually is almost a look-a-like of the last breed !

    I will ask Matthias to reveal the last breed, so Georgia can get some sleep and write great and funny posts again :)

  18. @Edie
    Thanks for asking for Viva, she is still not doing good. It will take a while still, she is running through a lot of tests at the moment in an attempt to find the culprit. Apparantly it is not easy to diagnose the cause of her liver problems. Will keep you all updated.

  19. And we can announce the...
    to be...:

    The large Münsterländer !

    Unbelievable you guessed 3 out of 4 breeds, and you were so close with the 4th by mentioning the German pointer, which is almost a look-a-like. I am impressed with your breed knowledge !

    Rounding up all breeds, Diva's father was a Hovawart. Her mother was a Germen Shepherd, Border Collie and Large MünsterLänder mix.

  20. Oh Shoot! You already revealed the mix! I was going to guess Hovawart and Shepherd. I guess I wasn't all wrong!

  21. Woo hoo! So glad you revealed the answer. Munsterlander... I can't say I've heard of the breed before, at least not that I recall. Now I have something to look up! :-)

  22. Wow...that Austrian landscape is absolutely gorgeous!

    Diva is an absolute cutie. She looks so happy in that last photo!

    As I told you on Twitter, I'm late to the game on the hop, so already saw her breed reveal. :(

    We're showing our house today, so in between cleaning, I'm sneaking in some blog hopping :)

  23. Good morning kenzo! Thank you for revealing the last breed TOO LATE for me to get a good night's sleep :p

    Munsterlander...I have NEVER heard if this breed. It sounds BIG. And saint bernardish. You really have so many breeds in Europe I've never heard of. I'd better google it now :) xox

  24. But is it not a great way to start a new day? :)

  25. We have never heard of a Munsterlander! Does sound like a good name for a big breed though, Diva is absolutely a beautiful girl!

    Kirby's Mom

  26. She is gorgeous. I won't be taking guesses though :-)

  27. I never would have gotten that mix. Good game, though.

  28. Hope you all enjoyed the Mystery Mutt Tour.. Its a beautiful natural scene.. Looking so gorgeous.. Thanks for the besutiful post..

  29. I just gave you an award! Come to my site to collect it.


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