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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The 10 best pictures of Kenzo and Viva

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you know I almost daily upload new pictures of Kenzo and Viva to Twitpic. One of the fun things about Twitpic is that it shows how many times a picture is viewed. So which photo's did you like best? Here is a top 10 of the most viewed:

#1. Kenzo trying out his new Jesus shoes

#2. Kenzo: "Please?"

#3. Viva the Sofawart

#4. Kenzo the Wet Hovawart

#5. Viva: "What do you mean ... resource guarding?"

#6. Hovawart soccer world cup

#7. Kenzo Love

#8. Dancing with Hovawarts

#9. Kenzo the Dirty Hovawart

#10. Kenzo: "How do you mean ... outgrown?
Now if you like really original dog pictures, tune in to Karen Friesecke's Dog-a-Day project and subscribe to her blog. It will wake you up in the morning with a smile for the remainder of the year.


  1. I love the one where they are laying on each other. Chester and Gretel do that sometimes too. It's so cute.

  2. I have to pick just one???? That may be impossible as they all are terrific! *sigh* OK, if I HAVE to pick just one, that first walking on the water one is beautiful! And I also love the sofawart, and the Kenzo love, resource guarding...ah, heck, I really do love them all!

  3. I love to meet you this morning on the blog hop! I'm Pet Peeves. I'm dismayed at how people mistreat pets and today I'm participating in the HOWL Heard Around the World. Stop by my blog and leave a comment so that the huskies and sled dogs didn't die in vain.

  4. Nice assortment of pics! I would have to say that my favorite is Kenzo Love BUT Viva the sofawart is a pretty good, too :) I think that Jersey could be considered an honorary sofawart, since she loves the sofa as much as Viva!

    Thank-you for the lovley mention about my Dog A Day Project!

  5. I love all these pictures, but I think the Sofawart (great caption!) and Kenzo Love are my favorites. Totally agree about the Dog A Day project. Karen's photos are amazing!

  6. Love the pics. Your dogs look so cute and lovable. My favorite is the resource guarding and the last on in the pool. Thanks for sharing these with us bloggers!

  7. Thank you all for the comments. Glad you liked the pictures!

  8. I love them ALL, but you know me--the one with the mud appeals to me the best......

  9. A very late blog hopper hopping by...

    Lovely dogs! I like #5 the best since my Jon Farleigh thinks all toys are his, too. :)

  10. I'd have to pick Dancing with the Hovawarts as my favourite, though they are all gorgeous. I just love the joy and bond both Kenzo and Viva share. That photo demonstrates it so well. What they have is very special.

  11. Oh, I love them all! So hard to choose... the Sofawart caption cracked me up. Hmmm... I might have to give the title to Kenzo Love though.

  12. Thanks to you all for having a look and sharing what you liked best. The "#1 Kenzo trying out his new Jesus shoes" was the most popular on Twitter/Twitpic, but you are chosing differently! Most blogger votes seem to go to "#3 Kenzo Love" and "#7 Viva the Sofawart" (must be caption bias :) ).

    I liked @Kristine's choice too, showing how observant she is by seeing Kenzo and Viva's special bond in "#8 Dancing with Hovawarts".

    And I was LMAO when @sagechronicles went for the mud, I should have known you would do that :)

  13. Jesus! Haha! How good is that shot? :)

    But your sofawart wins best funny clever caption for me!

  14. Such a good lookin' pair!!

    I have to say, viva the sofawart got a giggle out of me but I LOVE "Kenzo Love" and "Kenzo Please".

    You can ask me anytime with that face, Kenzo. The answer will always be yes!

  15. @Georgia
    Thanks :)

    Isn't he something? he let me do things without a clicker!


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