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Friday, January 18, 2013

A 1000 Hovawarts

How would you feel if you were a Police Chief of a small, peaceful and quiet town in Denmark, and the eyes of the world are suddenly upon you? When the press is lined up for your next statement? When management complains about all the mails and letters they get? Niels Denny Sørensen, from the local police in Næstved, Denmark, now knows exactly how that feels.

Niels knows every move he makes since the story came out, is under a magnifying glass, and today confirmed that once more. We met with Niels to handover the petition with a 1000 signatures and we talked for an hour in which we tried to voice our/your concerns as best we could. I do believe your voice has been heard, and Niels - the decision maker that can get the dogs out - has became very aware of his responsibility, if he was not already.


The police will not get the dogs out before February 1, despite the pressure. But I am confident the next time the vet says to him the dogs can "survive" until February 1, Niels will ask the question "last time you said that, 6 dogs died". We got promised the 33 dogs that remain in the puppy mill are checked up with more regularly so it will not repeat itself that dogs have to be euthanized when seized on February 1.

Another promise was, that the owner is not allowed to keep the last 10 dogs, when the whole group of the 33 dogs that are still in harms way is not sound and healthy on February 1.

It was one of our major concerns, if the puppy mill owner would still be allowed to have 10 dogs after February 1. That is now of the table. The vet of the animal welfare organization of Dyrenes Beskyttelse will also be part of this evaluation, so it is very unlikely, listening to what she said in the press today, there will be a single dog left in the puppy mill after February 1.


Remarkable was that Niels, very well aware of the attention from a 1000 "Hovawarts", made this request:
"if any one could can come forward that bought a dog from the puppy mill after august 2012, it would close them down once and for all, as their license is revoked and it is punishable by criminal law when they would still be selling.".
Let's shake our Hovie network for this one, it must be possible to find one of the many sells they made after august. It will not only secure all dogs, it will simply close them down forever. Did you buy a puppy at, not knowing all of this? Please contact Niels at or send it to me, if you would like me to mediate.


How are the ones rescued doing? It turned out one of them was expecting. So we can soon add between 6 or 10 to the ones rescued. Those pups will fly out of the adoption door for sure, the first generation of the puppy mill that will get the start in life they truly deserve, has already begun. Change is a fact already. How awesome is that.


The vets of "Dyrenes Beskyttelse" were also in the news today, and made a huge shout out, that it is incomprehensible this has been going on in Denmark for 10 years.

So many people tried to focus the public eye on the puppy mill before. Their blogs were closed, their Facebook pages closed, people where threatened by mail and nasty laywers sewed left and right. The power of money does ugly things. They tried to silence Pia Skovmose, tried to put yours truly's blog out of service. But they cannot escape the top guns and your loud voice. A big leap was made today, as finally an "official" and powerful organization dared to say what many in Denmark have said before but were silenced by the puppy mill.

We chose the right time to stop this puppy mill once and for all. We are a 1000 "Hovawarts", and we are not alone.


For the latest and how you can help, visit the page Stop Danish Hovawart Puppy Mill.


  1. Wonderful news! Praying that promises will be kept & that the dogs will be checked on regularly until they are rescued.

  2. Don't understand why the rest of the dogs are still not removed and the place closed down. Are there no laws to be used? Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. It is dissatisfying indeed, the law in denmark is not equipped to deal with cases like this.

  3. This is indeed awesome news! Next best thing to the mill not having existed in the first place, at least now the dogs have a chance for a real life.
    Happy Hovie Day in Denmark! Congrats!

  4. While I'm not a vet, these all the dogs in the photos and videos look physically look pretty good to me. Mentally is another story. What concerns me is the the condition of the 2 dogs that were euthanized a few days ago. Was the condition of those dogs so poor that they had to be put down immediately? I've seen really "bad" pictures of puppy mill abuse cases and these dogs are nowhere near that. I'd have some questions if I were the Danish public.

    1. Not much came out about those poor pups. One of them was still a puppy and had a leg that was broken a while ago, and his pawpads worn away. I cannot be the judge of what would have been right for the pup, but it is true that the threshold to euthanize is lower in Denmark than other countries mainly also because they include the length of the recovery period in their decision. Second, there are also no rescues that can take dogs like this over from the shelter. Probably because these kind of events rarely happen. This case is so extreme for Denmark.

  5. I truly hope someone comes forward so they can close them down for good. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  6. Is very dissappoint to live in a country like here Denmark where the law is very flexible about those people. The law has to change and becomes more strict and make the people who mistreat animals go to prision and/or pay high monetary fines but instead about the law if someone has enough place can keep at least 10 dogs even after have mistreated them.


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