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Monday, April 22, 2013

Keeping Viva Safe

We started off on the wrong foot on the beach. Within minutes we were surprised by no less than three off leash dogs.

One after the other they seem to come down from the sand dunes, although I never saw any owner they might have come from. Of course, Viva's stress levels skyrocketed as a result.

Viva and Kenzo were still leashed - from April 1 dogs should be leashed on the beaches - although we were looking for a quiet moment to enjoy some off leash play as well as the others, we are no saints either.

With the third dog, I had to drop the leash on Kenzo as he or she was very persistent in wanting to meet Viva, who thought that was not a good idea at all. Kenzo send him or her packing. Further down we finally found some more space, and we could enjoy some play and getting our feet wet.

Other dogs approached from the horizon, and in an attempt to keep Viva as calm as possible, I retreated with her to the sand dunes, while my wife played some more with Kenzo in the surf. We just sad there, and returned to the surf when the dogs had passed by.

Murphy must have traveled with us that day, as most dogs did make an attempt to run up to Viva, even from that long distance. Every time Kenzo followed them, made his point that Viva is off limits, and herded them back to the surf. Kenzo played with them without any problems, no hard feelings. One abducted his ball, and he didn't care. Yet as soon as they ran towards Viva, he drew a line in the sand.

One person looked surprised at Kenzo herding the next dog away. "Wow, he really protects her". I thought it was team work. But true, Kenzo's role in keeping Viva safe is so much more then what I could achieve by myself.



  1. When Lilly was healthy enough for dog classes, we often used dogs we knew well to protect her from off-leash dogs. We could count on them to intercept the incoming dogs, while Lilly and I made our getaway. It helps so much. I'm glad Kenzo can help Viva in these situations.

  2. Good boy, Kenzo!! I know just how stressful that situation can be, and it sounds like he did an excellent job preventing things from escalating. And you're right: That's not the kind of thing you can train!

  3. Good thing Kenzo is helping. It's amazing how things like that can take some of the fun out of your day.


  4. Sorry to read your fun time was spoilt a bit. Still at least nothing bad happened. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. There is something beautiful about a dog helping another dog. Makes you proud of Kenzo doesn't it? To know that he would do that for Viva?

    Jasper did that once for Daisy when a Great Dane would not leave her alone and was scaring her. He came to her defense and protected her, even though the Dane was three times his size.

    Our dogs are awesome. :)

  6. My Lurcher boy, Tyler, has recently started a similar behaviour in helping out my reactive/dog aggressive terrier, Missy. When the loose dog approaches Missy, Tyler comes darting up and barks at it to "get lost". It's impressive and interesting to me, because i didn't think my two had a particularly deep bonded relationship. But i think it's really sweet.

    Glad to hear Kenzo helps you out in keeping the other dogs at bay. It can certainly be challenging owning a reactive/aggressive dog. I understand only to well.

    Louise, UK

  7. How wonderful that Kenzo has taken to keeping other dogs away from Viva! Hopefully, with time, Viva will figure this out and she'll be able to start relaxing a bit, knowing that Kenzo's on patrol.


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