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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Viva Sunday #8: The Dream

We had a dream. When we learned how much Viva loved the Danish West-coast and its open spaces, we laid down a plan to change our lives. A plan to sell the business and create more time, and move with the family to the West-coast.

It was a dream where Viva could dash through the dunes and heath fields of the West-coast together with Kenzo, free of the day-to-day fears she suffered from a life in the city. We even dreamed of spending our holidays traveling along the whole length of the Wadden Sea shores, from the north in Holland, through Germany, to the south in Denmark, with its amazing nature, wild-life and abundance of open spaces.

We thought we had time, but as you know, we ran out of it far too soon.

The master plan, Viva's plan, was set in motion long before she passed and is rolling still, up to this day. My business is sold. We are looking at places to live. It is bitter sweet. We measure homes up to Viva's standards. She would have loved that view... She would have loved to have those heath fields in her "backyard"...

Was it Viva's gift to the family to guide us down this path? Or are we trying to live a life that is no more? I believe it was Viva's gift but I am aware I still can't see clearly. The family is split. And I am told it would be a real possibility I'll find myself waking up every day, not on the West-coast, but in a place that will only be a harsh reminder of the fact Viva is no longer with us.

It is difficult to see how much of the plan was for us all, and how much of it was for Viva. Our lives were so intertwined, it is impossible to dissect what part of the dream was for who.

I am told too, I need more time. More time to see clearly. More time to figure this out. But my relationship with time is tensed, because of Viva. Those three years we were given were over in a heartbeat. Isn't time measured while you wait, and seem to play no role when you move ahead, follow your instincts and your heart, bringing you to places where things happen you never expected.

Still, the doubts I have do show, I am slowly waking up from my dream, the dream I had for Viva. Waking up I hope, will give room to a new dream.



  1. In the past two years I've suffered some major losses in my life (canine and human) and they have reminded me (like a crack on the head with a log) that life is short. Time is fleeting. And life is meant to be lived. IMHO, Viva set you on a path... and its one you should follow.

    1. Viva did set us on a path, I hope I can find a way for the family to follow. Time is ticking for all of us. Thank you Sue.

  2. She showed you the dream, but it was always in your heart. You should follow it.

    Monty and Harlow

    1. I thought I was a city person for a long time. Maybe, as soon as we got our first dog, it was first evidence that it was something in the past and we changed indeed.

  3. I am right there with you, re-evaluating my life based on Frankie's passing. But Viva's dream was your dream too. I know that in my bones. We project what we want on those we care for. Had your vision been dramatically different, you would have done what you could to help Viva adjust to your ideal life. Instead, she helped you find yours.

    That said, it's good to get some perspective, to take your time and get some distance. We don't always have enough time for some things, but that's no reason to rush either.

    Best of luck. I'm sure you'll make the right choice for all of you.


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