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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Taken By A Storm Called Tilde

Driving down to the shelter of "Dyrenes Beskyttelse" in Roskilde to meet Tilde, I wasn't sure we could have her home with us. Kenzo would be the judge of that, not me.

But at least I was looking forward to meet Tilde. At last. As one of the first to see a picture of her as a week old puppy, and following her journey from the puppy mill to her rescue and into her new home, I finally had the opportunity to meet her in real life. With only 14 months on her age-belt, Tilde was up for adoption again.

When she came out to see us - Kenzo would follow later - you could feel the youthful energy and innocence she radiated, from the moment we laid our eyes on her, "Ah, we're out in the yard!". "Wow, new people!". "Omg! and a cat too!". She hardly could make her mind up who to greet first. And I soon was taken by a storm, called Tilde.

I wasn't sure about Kenzo. Four months of physical therapy had left their scars. Not being able to expend his energy he has build up a lot of frustration. Would he see Tilde as an annoying youngster, the perfect harassment victim for a minute of one-sided fun?

The opposite happened. He first wanted to sniff around a little in this new place he arrived, and communicated this original calming signal a little more firmly to Tilde, who was already in his face. Tilde graciously accepted the message, and soon after, sniffs were exchanged and acceptance followed.

We took them out for a walk, and it became clear right away, they already were in balance. Tilde, full of mischief, was thrilled to walk with this larger, older and wiser buddy. Kenzo, I could see, had already taken her under his wings. He didn't just say yes. He was outright welcoming this little energy bomb.

And so did we spend the last couple of days, welcoming Tilde, which means giving her space most of all. Tilde settles in at an amazing speed. Just the first two days she needed only half an hour of "alone" time, very little for an adopt, when you think of it.

My first impression so far of Tilde, is that she is very well socialized. Mie Munck, and the people of "Dyrenes Beskyttelse" have done an absolutely fabulous job socializing Tilde in the first three months of her life, and also her first adoptive family must have done well, no doubt about that.

I think already next week Tilde has settled down enough to be ready to go out and about in the big world with us, start some training, get to know her better, and see where to go from there. Of course, life didn't stop this week, so Tilde has already been on multiple car trips, visited a shop and other homes, met and played with Kenzo's friends in the neighborhood, said hello to the mailmen (!), the family and our neighbors, and her attitude has always been, "This is so much fun!".

While I write this sitting at my desk, Tilde is resting right beside me. The spot Kenzo so happily gave up for Viva when she was with us. He is just a few feet behind her, and has given up the spot again for Tilde. Love can only grow by sharing, he seems to know. Kenzo too, is taken by a storm called Tilde.

They are already following each other everywhere

"Oops he is BIG, do I dare..."

Chilling out together

It's Tilde!


  1. I am so happy for you, Kenzo and Tilde! Silvia

  2. I'm so happy for you and that things are going so well. They do indeed look thrilled with each other. We have a rule at our house that says ... he who came first comes first ... which is just our way of saying that the current dog has veto power over any new dogs.

    1. Thanks Roxanne. Such a good rule. Happily shelters her also made it mandatory the dogs already in the house meet the newcomer, and under their supervision.

  3. Congrats on the new addition to your family! She is gorgeous! Can't wait to read how she settles in.

  4. This made me smile so much Leo. Of course, I got a little teary-eyes when you mentioned Viva's spot next to you, but perhaps Tilde was Viva's pick for you and Kenzo. How wonderful that a dog you helped early in life, by bringing attention to her predicament and the conditions in which she lived, is now with you and Kenzo. Fate my friend? :)

    1. It is meant to be was my first thought too, Mel !

  5. Oh congratulations! She is beautiful!

    Monty and Harlow

  6. I am just so happy for all of you! I can feel the joy :-)

    1. Haha, indeed, Tilde thinks everything is fun, or makes it fun, giving Kenzo a blast too. Thanks Sue!

  7. Hallo Kenzo, you've got a very nice lady! We wish you many lucky days and fun with Tilda. We are very happy for you.


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