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Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Little Tree On The West Coast

We laid Viva's ashes to rest under a little tree we planted on the corner of our property on the West-coast, overlooking her beloved heath fields. The West-coast, with its rough and harsh nature, was contradictory the only place where a vulnerable soul like Viva could feel genuinely safe and be happy, all day long. I couldn't think of a better place, as the West-coast was where she thrived most.

Seven months have passed. It took me a long time to decide, what to do with her ashes. We so far always rushed into it. With every pet we had, it never felt right, and we changed the way how to do it the next time, with the same, rushed, end result. It never felt right. I am glad I waited so long to decide what to do with Viva's remains. It paid off to think it over and over again, to wait, and wait again, and to make the final choice to do it this way. At least for me, it did.

Back at home, 250 miles away, I tell myself, that she is happy and safe over there, and she is where she wants to be, her favorite place. She knows we will return soon too, and will be waiting for us, when we reunite again. We hopefully watch the tree grow, and visit it every sunset, to thank Viva for another day.

I know her spirit is elsewhere, but I can't deny the need for a symbol, a tale, to connect. That little tree on the West-coast, is our gateway.



  1. that I've wiped the tears from my eyes....Leo, I could swear I feel her spirit just looking at the photo! You chose the perfect place for Viva. That tree will surely grow as no other has ever done. Hugs.

  2. Your love of this beautiful spot will be enhanced by all your happy memories of Viva. Looks like you made a great decision.


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