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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

That Guy With The German Shepherd Again

It might be hard to imagine there is a soul on this earth that doesn't like sweet, beautiful and popular Tilde.

"Our" - it is a long story - German Shepherd girl, is one of the few non-believers. Her name is Dina btw, and yes, I really have to get a photo of her.

Dina has been the only one that could tolerate Kenzo during his recovery days. He was rude. He was obnoxious. "Knock it off", she said, and Kenzo listened. And during that period, Dina could give Kenzo some very much needed social dog contact.

Now Dina actually never liked a lot of other dogs than Kenzo in the first place, and when Tilde joined, I expected her not to be pleased at all. In a way with Viva, she was always sort of tolerable to Dina, as they both were pretty happy neither of them had any wish to approach each other, and they reached their own type of truce.

When we saw them approach, Dina was cowering and looking whale-eyed directly at Tilde, who didn't was, as she usually is with other dogs, the sprawling worm at the end of the leash, but instead read Dina's messages very well, and responded appropriately.

Me and the German Shepherd guy knew what was happening, we anticipated it, even if we probably both were just a tiny little bit disappointed in our heart, and of course we didn't make any efforts to have Dina and Tilde meet. Like average polite humans, we did exchanged some hello's while we passed, and in just a second or two we stood still.

"Woof", Kenzo said. Not to anybody - any dog - in particular, he just understood the tension between Dina and Tilde, and just wanted to continue straight forward. Meeting his old love, with his new younger mistress on his side, was not a good idea as well maybe.

When we returned from water walker training the other day, we could see Dina and the German Shepherd guy walking in the neighborhood, heading for their usual trails. I stopped the car. "What do you think Kenzo? Should we make up?".

Although tired from his water therapy training, Kenzo's fluffy tail revealed his excitement for the idea, and we got out of the car to let Kenzo and Dina say hello.

Dina played her "hard to get", like she always did, and Kenzo stayed remarkably polite. Again only his tail revealed, how excited he really was. Dina came over to me to collect her hug, only her second hug since then, as if she was especially happy for this particular reunion.

"I think we did good, Kenzo" I said when we got back in the car. Kenzo's smear on his face revealed he was equally pleased. "We don't tell Tilde", I assured him.



  1. BOL - younger mistress... What a great way to describe it.

    Monty and Harlow

  2. Oh, how sweet! So nice they were able to have a reunion! (I won't tell either)


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