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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Laughter Therapy

"OMG! This is so much fun!" I shout at the top of my lungs.

"Hey Kenz! We are getting wet big guy! Woohoo!" and I burst out in laughter.

The smile on Kenzo's face is getting bigger and bigger. He is wading through the shallow surf for his physical therapy. It would soon get boring when I wouldn't cheer him along. He is so sensitive for the mood I am in, and he is equally smitten by it.

I throw in a ball right in front of him to catch from the air, and erupt into a cheerful applause while jumping up and down in the water: "Yeah! Such a good boy! You caught it Kenz!"

When he is wet he has to wash it off with sand, and we go on the beach again, there where the sand is white and dry and rub ourselves in it. I am joining him. "This is so good! Why did I never try this before with you Kenz!" My face turns red from all the shouting.

By now Kenzo is totally focused on me. He loves it when I act out of the ordinary, like a madmen. It is almost when I look into his brown eyes, he is cheering me on, challenging me, observing me to see if I could even get more crazy.

I can do that and start walking back to the surf like a coach whose pupil has just won the World Cup.

We start to get a lot of smiles of the people on the beach that pass us by. It seems to smitten many more than just us.

When I take Kenzo to the beach, it really has to count. We basically have 15 minutes to do all the things he like. All but run, play, long walks and swims. My madmen impression works for him. He doesn't miss what he usually would do on a beach, this is just as good to him.

When we leave the beach, the smile is still there. He had a great time. So did I.

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  1. I love how the pups react when you are silly with them. I think with Harlow especially, I see in her eyes that we are friends more than anything and she loves that.

    Monty and Harlow


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