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Monday, March 7, 2016

Kenzo's Song

Sweethearts have songs. Me and Merete have one. And yes, me and Kenzo have one too. It usually is a song from when you first met, but theirs came later, first after Viva taught me how to chase sunsets and Kenzo showed me how to live from day to day.

Some songs just resonate to one.

When Kenzo passed, I tucked away each day, lit a candle, closed my eyes, and played it on my iPod. Every time we go out with Tilde, I hum the lyrics, to remember Kenzo and have him with us on our walks. Sort of.

Last week we visited Holland. A colleague noticed my humming. "Follow the sun?", he asked. "Yes," I answered, thrilled to find out he was familiar with the song, though surprised he knew a fairly unknown artist like Xavier Rudd, or maybe I assumed wrong? I was about to tell him what it meant for me in remembrance of Kenzo but he interrupted me.

"I know," he said, "from the commercial. Sun-tours or sun-web or something. A travel agency." Commercial? Travel agency? Kenzo's song raped and degraded by a commercial? I watched TV that evening and he didn't lie.

Ah well, it's still our song. It's here if you like to hear it: on soundcloud or youtube. I hope you recognize Kenzo and me in it, not a commercial. But I must give it to the travel agency, they have great taste ...


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