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Monday, April 11, 2016

I'm Right Here

There he was. I had dozed off for a second and quickly looked around me for Kenzo. He had dozed off too, but my sudden movement alerted him, and his face came up from beneath the tall grass to check on what I was doing.

I smiled. Kenzo would never run away. He wouldn't even chase a rabbit, just because he didn't want to leave me out of his sight. He was always right there with me. Being together, looking out for me, he loved it just as much as hiking and playing.

This was one of my favorite spots, close to Viva's tree. We sat there during last Summer every day for maybe an hour or more when the weather was good. It had a beautiful view over the heath-fields to the East and the first dune ridge of Kenzo's Valley to the North-West. It was a good place to reflect and clear my mind. Kenzo approved of the spot too. Apart from the occasional hiker passing by, there wasn't much else he had to bark at to keep me safe. He could clearly relax too.

I always joke about this very spot, and told all our friends why exactly this cottage at the end of the road is perfect for Merete and me. Merete, the extravert, can enjoy the other side of the cottage, where there are neighbors and tourists passing by on the road that lead into the town. Me, the introvert, at the opposite side, away from people and chitchat, with only nature to look at.

Joke or not, the spot became important to me and I always looked forward to spend some time there, maybe do some work or write on my laptop, or just do nothing at all. Kenzo was always with me. He never asked for attention. He was happy just to keep an eye out, half asleep most of the time. I started to enjoy his face surfacing from the tall grass once in a while to check on me. "I'm right here Kenz," I tended to say, and his sleepy face disappeared into the tall grass again.

After a long Winter, a part of me is scared to return. His face will surface from the grass no more. But there is still the memory to hold dear. I just have to close my eyes, whisper the words "I'm right here," and I will see his face appear again.



  1. Tears. The dogs never really leave. I see Sam here, in Washington, a place he's never been. ...and I know I'm not imagining it, because occasionally, Harlow and Monty look at the spot I saw him. I think they'd stay forever if they could.


    Harlow and Monty

    1. They don't really leave indeed. Forever a part of us, and those they held dear.

  2. But return you will, because the memories of both Kenzo and Viva are there - and THEY will be there. And Tilde still has many memories to make with you. They will still watch over you while you snooze or work.

    1. I will. It will always be the place where I will be closest to them.

  3. Beautiful memories...

    I understand those first time fears, they are difficult, but your heart will guide you and so will Kenzo.


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