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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Wet Feet

Walking with Tilde on the beach is a wonderful thing.

We can go through the roof playing. We can make new friends of the human as well as the canine kind. We can defy storms, get soaked by the rain or burnt by the sun. We can walk, run, soak, swim, dig, chase, and even sleep.

Most of the time we do no such thing.

We just walk. Feel a cool breeze on our skin, smell the salty air, get our feet wet and throw a ball once in a while. I listen to the waves and the breaking of the surf while Tilde chews on her chuck-it ball. The sight of an empty beach, the endless horizon, and Tilde's company. Together they replace the ambitions and worries in my mind. Sometimes our eyes meet, and I feel the connection we share in that moment. The connection of two creatures aware of the present. When nothing else really matters.

Video: Wet Feet


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