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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Welcome, Maybe

Who's visiting?

We were preparing the guest room, and Tilde knows what that means. The anticipation of guests arriving thrilled her. Or was it skepticism, as she wasn't involved in the invitation?

Some hours later our son and family arrived with Dok-Dek - their Thai rescue - and we send Tilde outside as the welcoming committee. Over-joyous to see them all again, she didn't know what to do with herself and tried greeting everybody at the same time. It was the usual happy chaos when we have guests. Excuse me, I mean, when Tilde has guests.

When everybody was inside, Dok-Dek started to reacquaint himself with the place he staid for Summer holidays almost half a year earlier. He was followed on the spot by Tilde, showing him around vigilantly while telling him with decisive growls new rules were in place now, what was allowed on her turf, and what not.

"That's my dog bed. Ah yes, that's the other dog bed. Also mine. Oh, and that is my guest room as well by the way. Wait a minute, the pantry is totally off limits my friend, that's were my food and my treats are kept. Stop! Don't even go near my sofa!" The list was long. On the bright side, breathing in and out was allowed.

Dok-dek soon learned almost everything in the house had a little tag on it that read "Tilde's". Luckily, our son had brought along Dok-Dek's favorite blanket and one of his old sweaters with his scent so Dok-Dek could still have something that was his and reminded him of home, as the family would leave again for New Year's. Dok-Dek would stay with us, to free him of the firework noise in the city.

Tilde was delighted. She happily accepted this thoughtful gift her guests brought along, and planted herself firmly on what was formerly known as Dok-Dek's blanket, while she equally confiscated our son's sweater to enjoy the scent of one of her favorite humans. With all the formalities about what was hers communicated and in place, and in the belief Dok-Dek had made sufficient notes, Tilde could relax again.

It didn't last. The next day, Tilde almost had a full-time job. She constantly had to remind Dok-Dek about their agreement. "What does the note say? T.I.L.D.E. Right. Mine!"

Bit by bit, with his undeniable charm, patience, and cunning wit, Dok-Dek started to earn his privileges. On day 2 he took a run for his spot on the sofa when Tilde was in a deep sleep in her dog bed. After looking horrified at him with raised eyebrows, she decided to be merciful and let this severe act of disobedience pass by looking the other way. On day 3 Tilde allowed him on the far end of the sofa. On day 4, on the sofa, and .... beside her.

Fast forward to the end of the week, when finally the odd concept of Me Casa Su Casa was discovered. Tilde even allowed a short snuggle, with flirt, on Dok-Dek's - sorry, Tilde's! - blanket. If only Dok-Dek could have stayed one week longer, I bet I could have captured the two of them spooning, but I have to suffice with the photo below.

Dok-Dek. He is such a character. It's not given to many to withstand and outsmart a Hovawart lady like Tilde.

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  1. Poor guy! Ramble knows all too well how being the new guy feels - Monty still has notes on everything!

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble


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