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Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy 4th Tilde

Dear Tilde,

You are four years young today. Yes, really.

At four, some become adults. In a way you did too. As long as you could step over boundaries, limitations and being predictable. Words, which lost their meaning and faded in your slipstream. Being creative, inventive and unexpected is the part where you did your growing though.

Some earn cute nicknames. You have an alternative collection like tornado, rocket, "doerak", "finke", or anything else which signals speed, mischief or mayhem. I know, it's partly my fault. I promise to call you by your first name only from now on, instead of your full name, Tilde No.

Some have diplomas to show. Your trophy shelf is filled with the hearts you conquered, the friends you touched, and the smiles and laughs you so generously shower those around you in.

Some make their people proud. Not being easily embarrassed, it's exactly how I feel too. I wear the bumps on my head and the tears in my clothes with pride.

I am not sure if I still have your attention after such a long letter. But if I have, I just wanted to let you know I think you're perfect.

Happy 4th Birthday Tilde!


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