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Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Symphony

I wasn't wrong with my prophecy. "Dit is een goed stel hoor," excuse my Dutch.

While those spoken words fell to earth again soon after the Dutch national soccer team didn't lived up to their reputation, on the contrary for my team, Tilde and Zerline, the prophecy does come true.

They do everything together. Where one goes, the other follows. When one starts to dig, the other follows. One starts a seagull chase, the other is right behind her. A little off to the side, in best hunting ambush style. They chase each other, wrestle, and all the things dogs otherwise do to have a good time.

They share a lot of the same traits. Full of mischief, energetic, creative and explosive. No wonder they do so good together. With Kenzo the bond Tilde - and before her Viva - shared was different. The bond was there no doubt. But his priority was to keep those he loved safe. The girls are not too worried about keeping each other safe. They are more engulfed in their play. Because they look so much alike, is also probably what makes them so compatible. They are in harmony.

Sometimes things come together even better than I could have hoped for.

What I hoped for was Tilde and Zerline to become friends. That they would always have someone to play and snuggle with and to share adventures. I would have been already extremely happy with that. The bond they have build together has already become so much more than that. The same is true for how that makes me feel about these two.

Their harmony does me good. When I observe them enjoying each other it is like a private symphony being composed for my ears only. It makes me feel so privileged. Only dogs can do that.


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