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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Dog Studies Man

hovawart observing

The feeling someone is looking at me suddenly comes up. I quickly look at the window, but no creepy person there, neither is there a ghost standing behind my me when I look over my shoulder. Then I notice Zerline, the source of the disturbance in my sixth sense.

She observes me. I try to put on my happy face, make baby sounds, and move away from and back to the chair. Nothing helps. Her gaze remains undisturbed. She doesn't even blink an eye.

I know she will keep this on for a while. She is in study mode and I am the subject of her studies. I start a staring contest, but have to give up after a couple of minutes. I think I didn't even see her blink once.

Staring is not something she learned from me and Tilde. She already pulled this act as a small pup.

hovawart puppy observing

It is not something I expected from a dog. They usually look away, in dog lingo it is considered rude to look a dog right in eye. Or the expression in their eyes changes to a more soft gaze, a sign they are looking for attention of their favorite persons. Or a little tail-wag could start to indicate excitement. But never before did any of mine stare uninterrupted while sitting as a statue, Zerline is my first to do this.

She is curious, uninhibited and has no problem with looking a person right in the eye. She doesn't only do it with me, but also with guests and people we meet outside. She can ask for attention as well, like every other dog would do, but sometimes she is perfectly satisfied by observing her subject and let her mind work through her impressions.

"I like a little cat in my dog," I bragged about many times, when I wanted to refer to the quircky and stubborn character mosts Hovawarts have by comparing them with a cat's ability to turn their person into a servant. Always be careful what you wish for. Zerline can look right into my eyes as cold and emotionless as any cat could do. It is not done for attention. I am being studied.

I always wonder about what she sees and what will she do with all her observations. What thoughts are going around in that curious mind. I am impressed as well. It reflects her free-thinking and curious spirit and how she is creative to find ways to connect which are maybe not obvious, but work for her.

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