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School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

Meet the Wizards!

Holland, Almere
Wizard Bernard, and his Hovawart, Boef

U.K., London
Wizards Gary and Jacque, and their Hovawart Amber
Holland, Rotterdam.
Wizards Susanne and Frederik, and their Hovawarts, Mammoet and Rico

Scotland, Oban.
Wizard Jan, and her Hovawarts, Tussock and River

Thailand, Bangkok.
Wizards Marc and Cheryl and their Hovawart, Kaspar

U.S., Port Townsend, Washington.
Wizard Deanne, and her Mystery Hovawart, Gus

Holland, Purmerend.
Wizard Astrid, and her Hovawarts, Ayda and Zerline

U.S., Washington.
Wizards Kelsey and Nolan, and their Hovawart, Ethanah

Are you the next Wizard?

The Hovawart is a Magical Creature. In the Hovawart School of Witchcraft & Wizardry we study how it is like to live side by side with a Hovawart in our Care for Magical Creatures class. What does a Hovawart need and expect from Muggles - those not yet touched by the Hovawart's magic?

Unlike the school with the name that sounds a lot like ours, we do welcome Muggles! We invite all Muggles to come and hear the tales of the Wizards - those that have been touched by the Hovawart's magic.
Calling all Wizards!

After all, the choice for a particular Magical Creature breed requires a good match with the Muggle, in life style as well as temperament, and real-life info from Wizards is of key importance for Muggles to choose the right Magical Creature breed. A good match makes happy Hovawarts and happy Muggles!

Are you a Wizard and want to participate? Awesome! Please send me an email at kenzohw (at) gmail (dot) com with the following info:
  1. A couple of photos of your Hovawart and at least one photo with you both.
  2. You and your partner's names, first name basis only is alright. Where are you based, in which country, province and/or city? What is your occupation?
  3. Your Hovawart's name, age, gender and spay/neuter status.
  4. Do you or your Hovawart have a website, a blog or a FB page? Please provide a link if you like.
  5. Did you adopt or buy a puppy? How did you come to this decision? Please provide a link to the shelter/rescue or the breeder of your Hovawart.
  6. Is your Hovawart your first dog? 
  7. How does your daily life with your Hovawart looks like, and what kind of training/activities do you undertake?
  8. What do you absolutely love about your Hovawart?
  9. How is your Hovawart with other dogs and people?
  10. What advice would you like to give to Muggles and other Wizards?
All content is published in English. You can submit in English, Dutch, Danish or German. Though English is preferred. Please keep answers to the questions 1 through 6 short and concise. For 7 through 10 the aim is to use around 500 words.

I am excited to hear about you and your Hovawart!

Read more in the launching blog post: Calling all Wizards To the Hovawart School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

The "small stuff":
  • By sending me an email you are confirming that you have the right to distribute the photo's attached.
  • Kenzo the Hovawart has the right to edit submitted content and photos.
  • Kenzo the Hovawart cannot guarantee that your submission will be included on the Kenzo the Hovawart blog.
  • Links to Hovawart breeders are only published when the correct FCI and National Kennel Club accreditations can be established. 


  1. Hi, our Golden retriever has passed on and we are seriously thinking of a Hovawart pup. Would you recommend and is their temperament similar?

    regards/ ZuessK

  2. Hi Zuess,
    Sorry to hear about your Golden retriever.

    The temperament of a Hovawart and a Golden is very different. Although both are family dogs, a Hovawart will bind a lot to "his" family and he has a lot of guarding instinct. Also, they are very independent and stubborn, so they will require a lot more effort to raise and train.

    Hope this helps. I have actually just started a series on the blog "What Every First-time Hovawart Owner Should Know", you might find of interest. I just wrote about the guarding instinct and more will follow soon.


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