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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Shiloh, Hovawart in need of help

Shiloh is a sweet girl in need for a home. She is currently being cared for by project HALO (Helping Animals Live On), a no-kill rescue organization based in Charlotte, N.C.

Only 1½ years old, Shiloh shows severe signs of hip dysplasia and recently had surgery on her left hip. Rehabilitation took several months with water therapy, needed to built up enough muscle mass so Shiloh could bear her full weight on her operated hip. Shiloh has just regained her confidence again and starts using her left leg fully. She now is able to run around for brief periods and loves to play with her toys and doggie friends.

She currently is on anti inflammatory and pain medication. The operation of the right hip is long overdue, but project HALO is in lack of funds to be able to perform this. Donations to help Shiloh receiving her 2nd hip operation are most welcome.

Shiloh has such a great diposition who gets along well with everyone. Her favorite pasttime is to give hugs and kisses. She is one of the most affectionate dogs the people of project HALO have ever met. She really just wants a family to call her own.

If you are interested in adopting Shiloh or donate, please visit the website of project HALO to fill out an application or contact Rhonda at projhalo(at)bellsouth(dot)net for more information.

More info is also available on Petfinder: Shiloh on Petfinder. I will also post updates with more info on this blog when it comes available.


Shiloh is being followed by the Twitter community a lot. A big thanks to these twitter pals for spreading the word of Shiloh on Twitter.

Update January 2012: Shiloh adopted after 2 years


  1. I didn't realize that Shiloh was just a baby. A year and a half?! What dummy gave her up? Poor little lady; I hope she finds a home!

  2. Update May 31:
    Shiloh is in foster. The operation of the right hip is necessary and long overdue, but project HALO is in lack of funds to be able to perform this.

    Donations to help Shiloh receiving her 2nd hip operation are most welcome. Please donate for Shiloh's 2nd hip operation.

  3. Lucky and BlackStarMay 31, 2010 at 7:44 PM

    Any time you need anything for this sweet little girl my mama and I are going to help =) <3 Lucky and my human mama Blackstar

  4. Update June 1:
    Project HALO has received donations to go ahead with Shiloh's 2nd hip operation!

    A big thank you to all my twitter pals for spreading the word and to all of you who have donated.

    Hopefully the operation can already be scheduled in this week.

  5. Thank goodness they got the funds; I can't wait until Shiloh finds her wonderful forever home.

  6. Update June 22:
    Shiloh's 2nd hip operation is not scheduled yet but expected soon.

    This week she will have xray's taken, preparing for the operation.

  7. Update July 22:
    The x-rays were unfortunately postponed due to logistics. Also the weather with temperatures in the 90s made project HALO reluctant to move forward, as Hovawarts in particular have it difficult with such temperatures.

    Shiloh's foster dad informed me that coming monday Shiloh will have her x-rays done and surgery can be planned.

  8. Update July 28:
    Shiloh had her x-rays done on Monday. She has slightly less muscle mass on her hip that was operated on, than that of the other side. The vet feels it is time to go ahead and do the other hip, hoping it will force her to have to use her previously operated hip more. The vet wants her to lose 5-7 pounds if possible before her surgery (is at 72 pounds and they want her down to 65 pounds.)

    The vet is comfortable with doing another Femoral head ostectomy (FHO) but ideally would prefer a total hip replacement, due to the amount of arthritis Shiloh already has developed.

    Shiloh's foster dad is hoping to have her surgery scheduled within the next few weeks to give him some time to get a few pounds off.

  9. Update November 22:
    Shiloh just got out of surgery and everything went well. She is in recovery and they are waiting for her to wake up


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