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Saturday, May 8, 2010

New blog on Kenzo, Viva, and Hovawarts

This blog started because of my impatience.

But before telling more about the reason to blog, let me introduce Kenzo, the inspiring source behind this blog, and also Viva.

Now 2½ years ago we got our first Hovawart as a puppy. He was called "Sveablik's Igor" by the breeder but we decided to call him Kenzo. A fashion designer my wife seems to be very impressed about. Together with Kenzo we started a happy journey that changed our lives. Just one month ago Viva joined our family. Viva is adopted from the local shelter, 5½ years, and also a Hovawart.

Recently I also started using Twitter in Kenzo's name (@Kenzo_HW). Which brings me back to why this blog is started. Trying to help fellow tweet @kimhalligan1 to learn her dogs to track and do nose work, I tried to find a good source on the internet how to lay/do your first track. I could'nt find any links for her that were good enough. And decided to write it myself. First I polled Twitter if any bloggers out there would be interested in my article, but no immediate response pushed my impatience button.

So there you have it, another blog is born. From a passionate dog owner for dog lovers. Expect blog posts about Kenzo, Viva, the Hovawart breed and a lot more.

But now first the article I promised on tracking to @kimhalligan1. Coming soon!



  1. Hi! Welcome to the blogging world!

  2. Hey, we could always use another blogger! And besides, this way you won't have to wait around for it to get posted! :)
    My trainer/behaviorist is running a tracking class this fall (which I may not be able to take, because my current "project dog" is reactive and not even allowed inside! ahhhh!) so it'll be fun to read something that can give me a headstart! !!
    ....And you're getting so good at it that I can read this rather than searching for books and reading them. (Lazy much? Hehe...)
    Anyway, I'm pretty pumped up for this; I know NOTHING about tracking (other than a few teensy tricks...and I'm not sure those count) so it'll be interesting.
    Okay. I'll stop writing or this'll be a book and you'll growl at me.

  3. Thank you for your kind words!

    @JJ Hope the blog will turn into as much info as in a book so keep writing :)


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