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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Viva La Bella

Viva La Bella
We do not usually have a "Wordless Wednesday" - posting pictures without words on wednesday - on our blog. But I couldn't resist after taking this wonderful picture of Viva today. We named it "Viva La Bella". Me adding these comments didn't help either we will ever get wordless on any wednesday whatsoever.

We tried to get Kenzo in the picture also, but he was too busy with things that matter more to him:

Viva:"Kenzo wait for the photo", Kenzo: "No time, the snow could melt"



  1. Adorable! That is a beautiful photo! No worries, we hardly do wordless wednesday either. It sure would be hard to being that my household is never a quiet place... always full of talking, or barking. If the house can't be quiet for a day how can I be expected to have a [quiet] wordless wednesday?

    Paige & Simba

  2. That first photo is just beautiful, more than beautiful. She looks magnificent standing up on that hill. Like the whole world is at her paws. :-)
    The second one is just fun.

    I have yet to pull off a wordless anything either. Oh well.

  3. Viva in haar majestueuze rol,mag natuurlijk ook wel want haar vooruitzicht is voor het komende jaar veel en veel rooskleuriger dan voorheen.
    Hele leuke foto van haar.Erg hoffelijk van Kenzo trouwens om haar de eer te geven even te glitteren. Een heel gelukkig en gezond hondenjaar toegewenst door door je grootste fans,P@M.


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