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Thursday, December 30, 2010

What you liked best with Kenzo the Hovawart in 2010

With only one day left in the year, what did you liked best on this blog in 2010? Here is a Top 5 with the most shared, viewed and commented posts from 2010:

Two posts on Shiloh the Hovawart needing help to get adopted. The attention makes me very happy but this gives us all mixed feelings. The turn-off of course is that Shiloh still has not get adopted.

Next to the BSL stories probably one of the most important news items I could bring to you from little Denmark. A puppy mill that exports to the U.S., among others. Thank you for helping spreading the word getting this puppy mill exposed.

Inspired by the real story of my dad getting severely bitten while intervening in a dog fight. What we can do to prevent, and also how to act in a dog fight. Today, my dad has fully recovered from his injuries.

One colored, truly biased and overly positive look on the Hovawart breed. But hey, this would not be a Hovawart blog without a muse on this beautiful breed we have come to love so much?
With all the training and socialization we do with Kenzo, he can still awe me with what he can do when acting from within his own natural being. This is what makes me the most proud of him.

Loved your choices, my own top 5 would not have been much different. Looking back is great but what lies ahead?

You will have to be patient until January 10, when we come with a post as part of the Pet Blogger Challenge, organized by Edie and Amy, from the Will My Dog Hate Me and blogs respectively.

Stay tuned and best wishes for the New Year!


  1. Nice spin on this challenge! Those are posts I enjoyed too. I also liked -- well, if you can call having a strong emotion about liked -- your posts on BSL in Denmark.

  2. Thanks Edie, the spin is a cover-up for my own inability to choose what posts I liked best :)

    Know what you mean with the BSL. It is so depressing, yet we have to keep on writing about it. I will also follow up in the new year with some stories about how BSL is evolving in Denmark. Next year is also election year so it will be interesting to see if the anti-BSL political party can come into parliament.

    Oops, I say no more, still have a Pet Bloggers Challenge coming up :)

  3. The dog fight post is FANTASTIC! Such an important topic to think about ahead of time. Thank you for participating!!

  4. Thanks Dr V.! Glad you liked it, and thank you for organizing this fun challenge.

  5. I love this idea! [so stealing it too]. I started to follow you a long time after many of those posts were written. I am intrigued to read a few (dog fight one looks interesting) so this is a great summary of a year with your bunch!

  6. Thanks for following! Please join in the challenge, looking fwd to see your picks.

  7. All of these posts are terrific, of course. It was hard for me to choose one! Your perspective and information on Danish BSL and puppy mills is incredibly valuable.

    But most of all, I loved just getting to know you and your dogs this year. Until I found your blog, I'd never heard of Hovawarts before. And then all of a sudden I met one at the dog park! It was awesome knowing exactly what breed the dog was when my husband didn't have a clue. ;-)

  8. Hi Kristine, what a nice thing to say! Thank you so much. Would have loved to have seen your husbands face finding out you knew the breed and hear what he said. Usually people react with "A Hova...what?" :)


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