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Friday, July 27, 2012

Hovawart TV: Baywatch

They look good and they can save lives. Take that Pamela Anderson:

These Hovawarts make their Newfoundland ancestors proud. All 12% of them to be exact.



  1. Stuff Baywatch that was great. Have a happy Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Very impressive. I had only seen (full blood) Newfoundlands doing this work before.

    Of course they're much cuter than Pamela Anderson--no hard, fake breasts to get in the way. And they bark with a cute French accent.

  3. Great video! It was interesting to watch those training scenarios. I really like the rescue harnesses that they wear, that have the big yellow rings on them for people to grab, and the training dummy with bumpers for hands is something that I've never seen before!

    If only my French were a little bit better! I could get some of it, but not all. High school was longer ago than I care to admit....

  4. Hey Kenzo, Hey Viva, Jet here.

    Love it! I've got some Newfie in me too... I think...

    BTW, we mentioned you on Friday!


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