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Friday, May 16, 2014

I Am So Really Happy To Meet You

Tilde is so happy to meet people. Really happy. When I took her out to walk in a small and not too busy shopping street, her excitement went sky-high.

There were so many people to meet. And then they were on the left, and then they were on the right, it was hard for her to keep up, if she hadn't missed and disappointed somebody.

It was also drizzling that day, and I couldn't prevent some of the pedestrians continued passed us with one or two dirty paw-prints on their clothes. Maybe more.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, Tilde is a jumper. The trip was actually part of my attempts to teach her not to jump, and if I would have thought it through a little bit better, a sunny day would have given a better stage to practice.

None of the paw-printed victims got mad, and while melting away looking at Tilde's happy face, they all said: "It doesn't matter, she is so cute", or "I have such a sweetheart at home as well, don't you just love them". My luck.

A middle-aged man was approaching us fast and suddenly noticed Tilde. He almost froze, and wasn't sure what to do. It was obvious he was afraid of dogs, and I held Tilde close to me, while kneeling down and telling her "What a sweet fellow is that..." and giving her treats. You never know how people afraid of dogs react, so I was intuitively already desensitizing her for what might follow next.

He was relieved, and now dared to take a first step again, going in a wide circle around us. Tilde, while I still had her close kneeling beside her, was following him, making half jump attempts, with the word "happy" just written all over her face.

He almost passed us completely, never left his eyes off Tilde, when he suddenly stopped and a smile appeared on his face. In just a split-second he seemed to study Tilde and probably unconsciously, tilted his head. Tilde repeated the gesture. His body language indicate he wanted to come over, but instead, he put his hand before his mouth and started walking away. He laughed at me, and said "I really shouldn't!".

I returned his smile, but didn't say anything. I told Tile what a charmer she was while her eyes followed the disappearing man with disappointment. She turned, facing the shopping street again, "Now, who is next!". It might take a while before I have taught her, not to jump.


  1. Super sweet. I know a trainer in Utah who hosts No-Jump parties, where they tether puppies around the edges of the room, and everyone walks around greeting the puppies. Each person ignores a puppy who jumps and lavishes attention on those who don't. They learn quickly what works and what doesn't.

  2. Andra is eigth years now, and she likes to jump on persons she loves. And then, she gives them a kiss - a loveley hovi-kiss. Hovawarte likes to kiss! And persons, who don´t like this, should not talk to her and touch her. I couldn´t change this for eigth years! Many greatings to the lovely Tilda. She ist so nice an looks like the little Andra.


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