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Saturday, August 23, 2014

People Skills

We just hit the trail and I could see in the distance, one of our pals was on it as well.

I stepped up our pace to see if we could catch up with them and then play a little, maybe.

I noticed our friend had seen us. She waived, waiting for us to catch up.

She had a story to tell, but I had to stop her mid-sentence, "Is it ok when I let them off leash?". I know the answer, but old habits die hard, and I still ask.

"Sure! Now. Like I was saying ..."

I looked at Tilde, misjudged a little tension that was not there as she greeted appropriately, "Good girl", I said and followed up with treats, realizing that was my second interruption in the same amount of seconds.

"You were saying?", I said in an attempt to keep the conversation alive, and, hand on my heart, I did want to hear what she wanted to share.

Before I could catch up, the dogs had started playing, and this time I noticed we were actually standing quite close to an adjacent bicycle path. Not a good cocktail for Tilde, who doesn't dislike to hunt cyclists.

"... and that's where I ..."

I couldn't leave it alone, "Sorry, I hate to interrupt you, but could we move a little bit away of the bicycle path?", realizing that was my third.

"No, no, of course. Here ... I throw a ball". The ball flew into a direction away of the path, she made some first steps as well, but immediately stopped, when she got caught up in telling her story again.

Of course, the dogs were returning with the ball, Kenzo in front, and I had to reward him for making a retrieve, making my fourth official interruption. We hadn't moved away from the path. This didn't help.

I made some steps forward, expecting she would follow, but she didn't, caught up in the fire of her story. Which I, by now, had a hard time trying to follow.

Trying to catch up what the story was about, I noticed in the corner of my eye, it was her dog's turn to have the ball and she was moving in the direction of the bycicle path. Just a few feet away from it, she caught a scent, dropped the ball, and started an investigation.

Feeling uncomfortable we hadn't added any distance to the bicycle path, with the ball laying awfully close, I recalled Tilde and Kenzo, and put a leash on Tilde. She considerately paused the story-telling while I was busy with it. A second later, my eyes followed a cyclist rushing by.

With Tilde leashed, Kenzo beside me, I did worry about her dog, and started to point at the ball while waiting for a little pause so I could mention it.

She looked into the direction of where I was pointing, "... and that's it.". The story had ended. It was a blur to me still.

"Nice to talk with you again. Well. We better get on our way", she picked up the ball, and off they went.

Now, before you judge me. I can listen. Let's say, just not when I have my dogs with me. I swear.


  1. BOL - I have done that too! Even to my own husband! I think we are just hyper alert to all incoming issues when we have the pups around. :)

    Monty and Harlow


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