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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Patiently Earning A Very Important New Best Friend

Meet Dok-Dek.

He is that handsome gentleman standing beside Kenzo. A rescue from Thailand who came to live in Denmark, with some of our closest family.

Over in Thailand, in the rescue that took him in, Lanta Animal Welfare, he acquired quite the reputation. Through the years, Dok-Dek wore down volunteer after volunteer on his insatiable walks, and he was the welcoming committee for dog after dog that went through the rescue.

The moment his plane landed in Copenhagen in April last year, I knew Kenzo was going to have a new friend. Dok-Dek, then nine years old, was unaffected by the long trip and the new and busy place he arrived to. From a rescue enjoying a sunny Thai beach in paradise to the cold and busy Copenhagen airport, it didn't matter to him. He was just curious, studied all those new people around him that were making a fuzz, and it took him a split-second, to put me at the top of his preferred supplier list, as I seemed to carry the most tasty dog-treats with me.

He was one bundle of charisma and unmistakeably schooled in life. Life was his turf. Knowing how to survive was his Modus Operandi. He was educated in tough school, on the streets of the Thai island of Kho Lanta, his favorite place being a taxi holding place where he collected his treats from the taxi drivers by jumping on the hood of their cars. It was here where he earned his name Dok-Dek, meaning no more than the distinctive sound he made with his nails when they touched the asphalt and the car hoods, the sound with which the taxi drivers recognized his royal approach. Living on the streets or not, he always kept his sweet-natured character.

The rescue brought him in when he had an accident with boiling oil, burning the top of his face and back. But he fought through that too. How he got his right eye hurt, nobody knows, but he can still see enough through it, and it doesn't seem to bother him.

He adapted to his new surroundings and family life in Denmark quickly. His former stray days are undeniable still present in his spirit, and it is important to keep him safe, because what Dok-Dek likes best, is to just go for a stroll. Alone.

A special fence was built for him so he could enjoy the garden on a sunny day, but already a few days after the fence was set up, his family wondered when he came back inside maybe half an hour later, how he had gotten so wet. They checked, but it wasn't raining. The next day when they opened the door into the garden for him, they kept an eye out, and saw how he disappeared into the bushes at the corner of the fence. Below it, they uncovered a fresh hole dug under the fence. Curious to know what Dok-Dek would do or go to, they followed him from a distance. Dok-Dok visited some neighbors, climbed some more fences, and went down a slope leading to a small lake, where he had his morning bath. Then, he happily walked back home again.

We waited a long time for Kenzo and Dok-Dek to meet. It was important to us their meeting went well. So we waited. Until Dok-Dok had adjusted to his new house, his new family, and the new climate. Until Kenzo was fit as well, after his injury. And then Tilde joined us unexpectedly, and we waited until she had adjusted too. All in all, the first time we all met, was first just two months ago.

Patience did pay off - although true, I probably overdid it.

When Kenzo and Dok-Dek first met, they went though the book of dog language together, noticed how well-read the other was in that department, and sealed a new friendship on the spot. We went for a walk and they strolled forward together as if they had been best buds their entire life. Tilde followed, and although she is an every man's - dog - friend, the connection of the boys was already forged, as they both shook their heads when they saw Tilde, the youngster, making mischief. Tilde of course, felt very safe with her two chaperones, but she also felt they were quite boring. And they are. If you think of wisdom as such.

Kenzo and Dok-Dek have that extra click, senior dogs in between can have. Kenzo doesn't have to keep an eye out on Tilde's behalf, he knows Dok-Dek is solid and will treat her fair. Freed of his responsibility, Kenzo can just relax, and enjoy to take a walk with a wise friend, and his "little sister".

I am just thrilled they made such a good connection, and I am convinced, Kenzo is making a very important, new best friend.


  1. What a neat story. I'm always amazed at where rescued dogs end up. The community knows no borders, only need, I think.

    Monty and Harlow

    1. Indeed. We meet a lot of rescues that come from Greece and Bulgaria in our neighborhood, it is really amazing.

  2. It sounds like Dok-Dek did a great job socializing himself.

    I hope your family is close enough in distance so that Kenzo gets to enjoy a lot of time with his new friend.

    1. It's a one hour drive - one way :( Close enough for once a week though :)

  3. What a great story. Dok-Dek is such a wonderful dog and he is full of sweet personality. I wish him the happiest life possible in the care of Team Kenzo :)


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