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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tilde's Sister Tulle

Tulle is Tilde's sister, and unfortunately up for adoption again. We visited her earlier today in the shelter from "Dyrenes Beskyttelse" in Roskilde to say hello. She is a kind and beautiful young Hovawart lady, full of life and very affectionate. Next month she will be two years old.

Tilde was a little too overwhelming for Tulle in the beginning. But after a long walk together, it was Tulle's turn to invite Tilde for some rough play, like I like to think only Hovawarts can. Tilde was ecstatic about our visit, not only did she meet Tulle again, but also the shelter people who had cared so well for her in the past. Especially when she saw Mie, Tilde went through the roof.

Tulle has returned into the care of Mie and the shelter again. Her adoptive family returned her because of personal problems. I wish I could have sweet Tulle, but I can't. Two dogs is all I can provide a good home for, and I envy the people that can handle more than two. Tulle would have been more than welcome if not for my limitations and I furiously hope she will find the home she so much deserves. And maybe, just maybe, we can soon meet again in happier circumstances.

Tulle will be placed on the shelter's website during the coming week with more information about Tulle's likes and dislikes. Below some photo's and a short video from our visit today.

 Sweet Tulle

 The sisters

 Beautiful Tulle

Tilde was happy to see Mie again



  1. It must have been hard to walk away. Will the shelter let you know when she is adopted? I'd love to hear an update.

    Monty and Harlow

    1. Yes, they will.
      I walk Tulle as much as I can until she is adopted, so I will know.


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