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Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Breadcrumb For Tulle's New Family

The day I visited Tulle in the shelter last week somebody else was there too, looking for a dog, although we never met.

She was an energetic middle-aged woman who was missing a dog in her life. After studying a picture and short description of a dog that spoke to her on the shelter's website, she paid the dog a visit. We just missed each other, as I had left for home after taking a walk with Tilde and Tulle.

She was looking forward to maybe meet her future companion for some long walks in the forest adjacent to her house. Once in the shelter, she noticed Tulle. She hadn't expected there would be a Hovawart in the shelter, at least there was none listed on the website she had studied.

She had owned Hovawarts before and heard the shelter out about Tulle's story. During the drive home and the days that followed, she couldn't get Tulle's sweet face out of her mind. A couple of days later, she picked up the phone and applied for Tulle's adoption.

Sweet Tulle. From unfortunate to fortunate in a matter of days. She couldn't have wished for a better home.

Maybe, if you, Tulle's anonymous adopter, one day would find this post, we would love to hear from you how you are doing and let the Hovawart sisters Tilde and Tulle meet again in the forest near your house.

p.s. please help me out here, Mr. Google.

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