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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Puppy Mail From The Skies

Ping. You got mail.

I went over to the computer to read the message and was taken aback. The sender wrote how she knew we usually have two Hovawarts but apologized beforehand if she was intruding, so soon after the loss of Kenzo, as she wanted to hear if we would be interested in a Hovawart puppy. I knew the sender and I was thrilled. It was the timing of the mail which made my jaw bone drop. What higher force of nature made it drop in my mailbox exactly now?

Just an hour before we got the mail, Merete and me had made our decision. We have been asking ourselves for over a month now, what would be best for Tilde. Could she move forward as a one-dog household. Or would she appreciate a newcomer? It wasn't very helpful, both questions could be answered by yes. We remembered how the situation was similar with Kenzo, when he lost Viva. Yes, he could have moved forward as a one-dog household. Yet, we also remember how happy he was for Tilde when we adopted her, and how he during the first days and weeks followed her all over the place with a big smile on his face.

Merete insisted any newcomer could not be a Hovawart male, and most certainly not a blond male. The resemblance and risk of comparing with Kenzo was to real, and I agreed. If it ever would come to bear, a female would be best. We let it sink in, revisited the discussion day after day, and every time the conclusion was the same. Tilde would benefit from it, it should be a female, and after two rescues, Viva and Tilde, we would prefer a puppy again, like how we got Kenzo.

The only thing left was time. The magical when. First today, we could finally silence that devilish voice in our head binding us in grief, when we realized how we grieved about Viva still when we got Tilde. We never passed from one state into the next. Loss and new beginnings, they went hand in hand, they co-exist, still even up to today. I remembered a friend's words, "We are never ready, yet we always are". It felt almost like slamming my fist on the table when I uttered, "Right, Tilde isn't getting younger either. Let's do it". Merete nodded full-heartedly. We would start looking around and informing us tomorrow.

Just an hour later, we got the mail.

It was from Laila, who I know from the Danish Hovawart Club, and although we never met in real life, we share the same passion. Our dogs. Last but not least, I have a crush for some years now on Joy, Laila's Hovawart, which didn't went unnoticed as I have been cheering along for Joy and Laila on all their show- and sport competition adventures. Laila on the other hand, followed our silly stories, and we came to mind, when she thought of what families she would feel comfortable with having one of the upcoming puppies from Joy's and Asterix' first litter, planned during coming Summer.

I replied to her mail with a full-hearted Yessss.

Parents-To-Be, Asterix (left) and Joy (right)



  1. Oh, how exciting. It seems like the universe is lining things up beautifully!

    And your words about how grief does not have an end point--it simply transitions into a new form--is so true.

    Can't wait to meet the new puppy.

  2. Wonderful news! All my best on wishing your new family member into your home.

  3. This brought tears to my eyes. Such fantastic news and I can't wait to see Tilde and the new puppy together!

  4. Looking forward to more of your lovely tales of two tails again!

  5. You made my tears pop Leo ☺️
    There suddenly must be more between heaven and Earth than we can imagine.
    All sunday I was speculating If I could write you, and I decided I had to do it ☺️
    I am so happy I did 🐾❤️

  6. What a wonderful gift from God. We will be waiting to hear all about your adventures.


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