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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

To Live a Lifetime

It seems like yesterday a puppy/youngster came charging in to the shelter's yard and I saw her with my own eyes for the first time. The storm called Tilde; my first impression of her character and spirit, which still holds today.

It seems like yesterday as well, Tilde became an adolescent and seriously put my - and Kenzo's - temper and patience to the test.

It's Tilde's birthday this week. Maybe her birthday was today, maybe a few days earlier, or later. We don't know. What we do know is that she becomes three years of age this week, the "official" age in which a Hovawart becomes an adult. Such a fine adult she already is. I see a beautiful and stunning young lady. Exuberant, energetic, confident, loving, intelligent and creative. Her body is strong, agile and explosive.

Dogs, how quickly do they become adults, how fast do they age.

We all want more time with them no matter what age they reach, sadly that is also the only thing they can't give us. "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us," Gandalf said so wisely to Frodo in the mines of Moria. First after dogs entered my life, when time became short, I started to give Tolkien's quote more thought, and what I would decide if asked. I think I know now.

Dogs, they live such intense, short lives. I decide to follow, and try to inhale as many experiences with them as possible. To capture and celebrate each moment, each day. To give and receive love with each opportunity. To live as intense as them. To live a lifetime, in each dog's life.

The loss of Kenzo and Viva still weighs heavily and there is no doubt in my mind the reason thoughts like these in Tilde's "birthweek" account for that. But even in clouded thoughts there can be joy and salvation. Both Kenzo and Viva fuel me to be as present as I possible can be while Tilde and me have time together. Tilde knew that already of course, I am following not far behind.

Happy birthday week, little Miss Rocket.

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