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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Shaping Memories

We're well passed three months now. At this age, Zerline reminds me a lot about Kenzo. We first got him home when he was about the age Zerline is now.

I am happy for that extra one and a half month I had with Zerline.  So much has happened in such a short time. She has grown and changed noticeably every day.  She starts to get familiar with the world around her, starts to put all her experiences to use. Curiosity is exchanged with the joy of recognition.

She is no longer an almost helpless little blond fur-ball measured in pounds. In just a bit over a month, the shapes of a little mini Hovawart have started to reveal themselves, and her face is beginning to show the expressions she will perfect even further as a youngster.

The memories from exactly this period between the second and fourth month are priceless. They were Zerline's first, as they were for me too.

Every day she enjoys that extra bit her legs have grown. Every day she can run faster. Leap further. Tumble a little less. Jump on the sofa without a helping hand, almost.

The memories are countless and defy the concept of time. Only one month and a little more has it been. It feels more like she has been with us for years.

When I held her that day in Schiphol when I picked her up, I held a promise in my arms. An unwritten page. Neither of us knew what was about to come.

A string of moments have brought us to where we are now. Moments that have shaped memories already.

The first page is written, the promise lost none of its power. An infinite vessel of what is to come.


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  1. So great to see her growing and learning and figuring out the world.


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