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Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Wild Bunch

Today I tried to take a walk alone with Tilde. Being just the two of us would allow for a longer walk and, with all the time which goes into puppy Zerline, she would appreciate some alone quality time with me.

I guess I tried to make myself a little more important than I actually am, because Tilde was in no mood to leave her little sister behind, and no matter what I tried, she didn't move. First after I got Zerline out with us, Tilde wanted to continue our walk.

The Wild Bunch is close to becoming inseparable. They sleep together, walk together, cuddle together, drink out of the same water bowl, share and play with the same toys. When we meet other dogs on the beach, Tilde keeps an eye on them if they behave, instead of engaging in exuberant play which she usually would have done.

The earlier issues I had with their "union" that went on strike for new dog beds has miraculously solved itself. It is as of one of the dog beds is out of order. They are happy to share the one which is left.

They love to play together. Tilde is making herself small for Zerline and doesn't play as wild as she usually does. She goes to great lengths to make it fun for the both of them. Although Zerline has to be careful, a sudden movement from Tilde can send her flying through the air. They match each others energy. When one of them invites for play, the other one never says no.

The two have become inseparable in such a short time. I posted the next photo on Facebook the other day as I thought it symbolizes the bond they already share, and how much they already have grown as a couple. The Wild Bunch.



  1. Do they always play so quietly? :)

    Love the FB photo! Absolutely adorable and so fitting. Plus I see what you mean about looking like each other.

    1. Haha, they save the noise for a good pulling game :)


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