Dog trains man

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


"Their joy is contagious."

I fully agreed with my brother. He was visiting us in Denmark together with his oldest son to see how we were doing. He observed Tilde and Zerline running and playing in the dunes. They were enjoying themselves, chasing each other, play wrestling, and in general being silly. My brother never had a dog, but he automatically felt drawn in to the spectacle they performed in front him.

When dogs play they make you feel like a kid again. With a little bit of imagination you can see yourself running alongside them through the dunes and acting silly too. They show you a place where boundaries are forgotten and worries disappear. Who wouldn't want to jump right in.

My brother was happy to see how Tilde and Zerline were taking care of me. They lifted my spirit, ensured I got exercise and came outdoors. When he and my nephew left again for Holland the next day, he knew I was left in the good care of my nurses.

I still have a way to go but I am feeling positive with all the progress I make. I returned to work again, and that makes my ability to lead some kind of regular life complete again.

I just have one more hurdle to go in the repair of my body, so it can once again perform more craving physical activity. I am looking forward to this last challenge. Who knows, it might not be long again I can jump in with my nurses and run alongside them once more.



  1. Fantastic to hear from you. Thinking of you often. Keep in touch! Love from us all.

  2. I have wished so many times in my life that I could just transform into a dog and join in their enthusiasm, run with abandon and be free. Especially in the snow. How wonderful that would be...

    So glad to hear of your progress. Continue on!


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