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Friday, February 2, 2018

Conversations With A Hovawart #6: Open Sesame

"That's a bad habit, young lady."

I just walked to the car to pick up something and Zerline had opened the front door to follow me. Tail wagging, she explained, "I implemented a new rule, I go where you go." The other day she opened the door and ran down the road to follow after Merete who was running errands. I realized this would only get worse now Zerline had discovered how to open doors.

Locking the door behind me could have been an easy solution, but being a dog person, I ofcourse went for the honorable training option and started rewarding Zerline for not following me beyond a closed door. It actually went quite well and excited by my quick success I started to add more time waiting behind the front door before she got her reward.

While waiting outside during such a training session with Zerline behind the door, she suddenly turned up behind me. I was baffled. "How..?!"

"You left the back door unlocked so I used that door instead."

"But how did you ..."

"Yeah, I had to jump the fence too. That was a first!"

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