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Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Heated Affair

"Watch out!" I shouted to Merete who stepped forward to reach for Zerline's leash. Too late. With Tilde already pulling her leash, the full force of Zerline made me loose my balance. I smashed into Merete and we both spiraled down to the ground.

The man with his dog who was the cause of all the commotion for my girls, quickly passed by us. He did his best to pretend he never noticed the two of us laying on top of each other in the heath fields with two arms sticking up attached to just as many Hovawart girls, and held his gaze firmly focused on the path in front of him.

My full weight had landed on top of Merete and I looked down at her, worried she got hurt. Luckily she had made a soft landing on the heath field and instead of being hurt, she erupted in laughter. I soon followed and we both laughed. This must have looked so silly.

My heart is improving. It is almost back at half of its former capacity. Feeling stronger, I had started to take the girls for some leashed walks in an attempt to try out if I could handle them again. It seemed to work out. They complained, after being spoiled with three months of walks without the leash, but I could manage. Until we met this particular man with his dog.

It puzzled me why they were so eager to get to him and I wondered why the man or the dog had aroused them so much when the next day I spotted a little drop of blood on the floor. Now I knew. Their heat cycle had arrived. Maybe I could walk two Hovawarts. But definitely not two Hovawarts on a hormone boost looking for a flirt. They would be too hot to handle, even for a whole-hearted man.


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