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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Happy 5th Tilde

"Let's mark the occasion!" I shouted during our morning walk, and started to draw the letters in the sand.


I felt Tilde's wet nose in my neck, while she tramped on my carefully crafted double P.

"You can thank me later," I said, while trying to hold her off with my left arm and trying to continue to draw with my right, bending down slightly in an attempt to protect my work. It would be nice to make a picture and keep it as a memory.


Boom. Zerline, who had been curiously observing what I was doing, decided to join the fun and slammed into my side, trying to steal the ball from my pocket. My arm slipped, and I could see how the number five connected itself with the Y from happy. I quickly continued, trying to finish the sentence before further damage could be done.


I scrambled for my phone to take a picture, while asking "Sit, sit!" to both Tilde and Zerline. My hand reaching in my pocket was misunderstood. They both jumped forward, stepping through my art work, to see what goodies I was about to hold in my hand.

Observing the letters covered in paw prints it hit me. How fitting. To mark Tilde's birthday in joyous chaos and unexpected outcomes. That's my girl.

Happy 5th Birthday Tilde!



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