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Monday, June 25, 2018

Conversations With A Hovawart #9: On The Job

"You are getting better and better at guarding our realm, Zerline," I said, in an attempt to sound motivational.

"Don't you even think I am going outside and get my bum wet. I have seen the pictures of Kenzo guarding and I think it is much better done from over here," Zerline replied.

"Yes, yes, but he took tremendous pride in his job. He was good at it. A true Hovawart." I wasn't going to give up my motivational speech.

"Job you say?"

"Eh. Yes?"

"In that case. You do know you are in violation of the Danish Working Environment Act of 2010, right?"

"I am?"

"You have to provide the correct ergonomic conditions, like a place to rest my head. My head is an essential part I need to do my job."

"Is it?"

"I will also need an overhaul of the safety precautions in place, cushions are lacking. Just in case I would slip."


"Do you want me to call the work environment inspectors for a second opinion?"

"No, no. Is there anything else I can do for you?"



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