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Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Charminator

I remember the pictures from Atie, the breeder, in which you could see how Zerline was charming herself into the hearts of all the visitors with belly rubs and cuddles. Nobody could resist her.

In her first time with us, during the puppy days, she developed a back-flip. She sat with her back to me and suddenly threw herself backwards, "catch me!", she seemed to yell. I melted on the spot, it was too adorable. She still does it today. The only difference now is I have to use both my arms to catch her. She also performs her back-flip for people she has only just met and seem to like. Or throws herself at their feet and exposes her belly for a good rub. I keep an eye out, so I can get their cup of coffee out of their hands in time, when I see a back-flip is on its way.

Resistance is futile. My oxytocin junkie wins everybody for her cuddle cause and she certainly doesn't lack any attention of the long line of admirers she collected along the way.

Her charm was put to the test when a family member visited. He never before appreciated any of our dogs when they were young and untrained. I didn't expect him to like Zerline either because I know he is uncomfortable around young dogs. I know he will catch up too when they get older though. To my surprise he expressed how much he liked Zerline. I asked how that could happen, she was just as exuberant and unruly as the others he had met at that age. "I know," he said, "she is just like the others if not worse. But she just makes it up with all the love she pours over me." It was clear to me, he just got Charminated.


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