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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Gift

It was time for some long overdue recharging of batteries. We all needed it after our last boring busy period. To round it of, we traveled to Holland for business for the week - again - and spent the two weekends trying to catch up some of the time lost on the family's favorite place, the beach at Kijkduin.

It was beautiful autumn weather on the beach. Low temperatures, windy, sunshine, rain, all at once. Excellent Hovawart weather and especially Kenzo couldn't stop bouncing, he even forgot to swim :)

Without me knowing it I was carrying a little gift in my travel bag. Edie started a book club on her will my dog hate me blog. Although I missed the discussion about the first book from Steinbeck, due to the mentioned busy period, I was prepared and had a copy of Following Atticus - by Tom Ryan and Atticus M. Finch - for the next installment of Edie's book club packed for the ride.

After both Kenzo & Viva were laying down after another active day and went to rest for the remainder of the night, I made the mistake to open this book and read the first couple of pages. Just reading the prologue was enough. I was hooked and unable to stop reading until I finished it.

I am burning to tell you all about it, but will not at this time as it is Edie's party. So tune in to Edie's book club session on her blog on December 8 where we can all join and talk about this wonderful book.

It is a story about hiking. And a story about dogs. But it is so much more than that. After you read it, I am sure you will see your dog - and your life as well - through different eyes.

Please read and join us!


  1. Looks like Kenzo grows springs in his legs at the beach. I'm glad you and your family had some fun in the middle of work.

    I keep getting great recommendations for the Atticus book but haven't gotten my hands on it yet. Looking forward to reading it.

    Is it inspiring you to climb some mountains?

  2. I'm very glad you enjoyed Following Atticus and recommended that people participate in the book club. But maybe you want to have the comment section all to yourself? You gave the wrong date: It's December 8, not December 6.

    The dogs look like they are having a blast at the beach, and here's something funny: I often play videos that have dogs barking in them, and usually there's no response. Frankie heard Kenzo barking from the other room and starting barking his little head off!

  3. @Pamela
    Laughing out loud about your comment Kenzo was growing springs in his legs :)

    And yes, some mountains will be climbed - not literally - on giving Viva what she needs. The book provided a needed push. I'll promiss to write more on that when I have it all clear in my mind.

  4. @Edie
    Oh shoot, I will correct the date as soon as I get to a computer, the iPad and blogger admin don't mix :(

    Frankie can bark Danish?

  5. Don't worry about changing the date. I'll be mentioning it again this week.

    Frankie assumed that, being a cosmopolitan dog, Kenzo would understand English. And of course, he's a typical arrogant American...

  6. That beach would be my favorite place, too. Kenzo looked like he was having a blast!

  7. The beach + dogs= a perfect combination :) Such a happy dance!! That book sounds great . .I'll have to track it down :)


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