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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Take the pledge: Boycott Petland

download this "pledge" and share
In an attempt to have Petland USA follow the example of their Canadian branch to stop selling pets from their pet stores that come from puppy mills, a petition was raised. In just one month it already gathered more than 45,000 votes.

When confronted with the results, Petland management decided in all their wisdom to ignore the results and even made up a genuine conspiracy theory.

As a response, a call for action from, the BTC4Animals team and Mary Haight from DancingDogBlog was organized to join a social media protest for a boycott of Petland USA.

Everybody could join by placing a "pledge" badge on the FB walls of the Petland franchises. In an attempt to stop the bad publicity Petland USA closed their FB walls.


It is appaling they can still turn a blind eye for the practices that are going on, continue to sustain puppy mills that use dogs as breeding machines. Kept in small cages and never seeing the light of day.

In Europe this was banned 2 decades ago, Petland Canada stopped selling pets through pet stores. Other chains in the US stopped as well. Clearly Petland USA knows this. But they choose to ignore it and make money on the suffering of dogs.

Join this action and take the pledge by sharing the badge on your FB wall, blog or other social media. And lets keep on voting and sharing the petition as well.


  1. You've described the insanity so well! I pray the day will come soon when they'll see the error of their ways, and no longer support the sale of puppy mill dogs. In the meantime, we keep spreading the word, boycotting their stores!

  2. Thanks so much for supporting this, Leo! I tried to talk to them, even through lawyers screening things, but there was not much more to discuss when they have no intention of changing a business model that they are proud of. The pain and suffering caused by puppy mills is a worldwide problem. While countries can ban such activities, shipping of this misery is accepted.


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