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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Waiting for The Happy Days

Where is that tracking dude? We are tired of waiting
During some crazy weeks for the business in which we worked like madmen on a bid for three huge "call for tenders", life had to wait.

Walks were just sufficient. No tracking. No training.

Kenzo's activities suffered the most. I canceled his mental test in our show or neuter project, canceled ring-training, canceled mid-week obedience classes, canceled the tracking exam.

Viva's vet visits, the holiest of the holiest, were of course uphold. She is in thriving health, and the latest Cushing's test with blood work came back just fine. I even got her groomed, but that is a different story.

Kenzo & Viva seemed to quickly adapt to the new routine. Spending their time waiting for the happy days to return. I worked a lot from home, conveniently keeping my own guilt feelings at bay. Being the active dogs they are, I expected a lot more protests and new "behaviors". Apart from occasionally stealing some laundry and taking their self-invented guarding duties a little more serious than usual, nothing out-of-the-ordinary happened.

No need to say that the first thing we did today - now all work was "finished" - was to go out for some well-deserved tracking. After Kenzo finished jumping up on me and slobbering my face, he did his best imitation of a vacuum cleaner, while Viva provided a background barking choir, in anticipation of her turn to track. They have just been waiting. Politely and patiently.

Happy days have returned. And while I write you this short note on what we have been up to, Kenzo & Viva are laying at my feet, in a deep and fulfilling sleep from a couple of hours of nose work. Just how we like it. And how it should must be.

I know I'll have to do this smarter next time. On top of all I forgot, when you bid on a "call for tender", you can occasionally win. And that's what happened, we won one already. 

A decade ago I spent a lot of time on books and seminars about balancing work and life and postponed getting a dog. How ironical. All those lessons were in vain and I needed a dog to get the message across. Now I only have to act upon that.


  1. Yikes! You were busy - we hope everything has seettled and you can enjoy your time again!


  2. You did your best and you did the essentials -- taking care of Viva's health, giving both dogs some exercise. And you were home with them. That's a LOT more than a lot of dogs get.

    Congratulations for winning the bid. Remember, you have to have money to provide food and fun for the pups!

  3. That happened to my poor dogs this week, since I was working every day and feeling sick, so I pretty much came home from work and collapsed into bed. The first park visit after a week of that the dogs both went bonkers crazy excited, but they were so good otherwise, just laying down and taking naps, even though I am sure they were not tired at all.

  4. It's true, isn't it? Nothing like a dog to help you get your priorities straight! I am doing a lot of thinking about such things myself lately.

    I am glad happy days have returned and that Viva is doing so well! It's great to hear from you again. :-)

  5. So happy you're back to "normal" - we missed you! And absolutely thrilled to hear Viva's health is great. All is good. The dogs understood, like friends do, that sometimes there is work to be done.
    Welcome back! :)

  6. @Sam
    It seems so, we had a great day today :)

    You always find something that makes me feel better :) I think they liked it too, maybe not a lot happened, at least they were not alone.

    Glad you are already feeling better. Must have been great to see them get the zoomies on that first visit!

    Thanks, and glad to hear from you too. I'll dash over to your blog and read all about your thoughts on the subject. Have a lot of catching up to do!

    Thanks Kim, and that is a nice thought, they understood, like friends do :)

  7. Don't you hate it when life gets in the way of living!

    Just found your blog on Saturday Blogger Hop. Glad the routines are getting back to normal for you all.

    H and Flo

  8. Few things make us feel more appreciated than the dogs who have been waiting for us to finish working.

    It sounds like tracking practice with Kenzo and Viva was as good for you as it was for them.

  9. Glad that you have been busy with work and that nothing serious was going on! The paying gigs always come first.

  10. When life gets nutty, it never ceases to amaze me how great our dogs are at keeping us grounded! So glad you got through the busy times and very glad to hear that all's well!

  11. @fabulousflo
    It always seems to catch up with you somehow :)

    I never thought they could hold to it, but they did. Somehow. Though I am sure only because somehow they knew it was temporary. Going tracking after such a long time was a blast for all of us.

    Nothing serious, just paying gigs. Although I still need to invoice :) Missed Dexter, do you soon blog about him again?

    They do, and it is amazing, I would never have thought K/V could be that patient! Glad to be back as well :)

  12. Welcome back Leo. We've missed you too.

    I can completely relate to the guilt thing. I wish I could keep it at bay. Between the job and the commute, I am away a lot these days and I feel bad for my dogs. They had a really good life for so very long and now it's mostly spent indoors. Perhaps with spring we can all get back out and take longer walks - in the sun.

    How nice that Viva and Kenzo waited patiently for you to get done. I be they have already been tracking huh? :)


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