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Friday, December 23, 2011

Howling Hovie Holiday Wishes

That's all you got ?!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and Howling Hovie Holidays! We hope you will have a couple of great days together with everybody and everything you hold dear.

As you can see on the picture, Kenzo & Viva are extremely disappointed as snow didn't visit for Christmas this year, apart from some pathetic snowflakes the other day.

We admit to envy all the beautiful white imagery displayed over at Lilly and Ginko in Boulder and Bajnok and Derria in Norway. They are so lucky with all that snow.

But Kenzo & Viva will enjoy their special holiday treat ... pork skin. Yummy.
Danmark is one of the few places in the world where pork skin - "Flæskesteg" - is actually on the human menu as well. We are making a traditional Danish Christmas dinner for our family so there will be plenty of pork skin around.

As an expat, I had to try it. It actually tastes alright, but my Dutch mind cannot come around eating pork skin. There will be plenty falling off my plate for Kenzo & Viva. They love it.

On one of our holiday trips back to Holland, I promised to prepare it for my family. The Dutch butcher was horrified when I ordered a piece of pork with the skin still attached and telling him what I needed it for didn't help calming him down. He could only prepare it when a new shipment arrived, and after returning to pick it up, the entire staff was signaling each other: "That's him!". My Dutch family took it well, by the way.

So taking the menu and the absence of snow into account, me, Kenzo & Viva will launch yet another charming offensive for the family to migrate more up North. We want snow to go with our pork skin.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Ah, here's where you're wrong about pork skin: It's very popular here in the U.S.(especially in the southeast) and Latin America ( We eat it deep fried (of course), because it's not unhealthy enough otherwise. Pork skin is even sold in snack bags, like potato chips.

    So tell your snobby Dutch butcher he's not very cosmopolitan but that your dogs have sophisticated international tastes ;-)

    And I hope you all have very happy holidays. With snow, if you like.

  2. @Edie
    I must have "Haute cuisine" Hovawarts :)
    Thats a surprise, I thought it was limited to Spain and countries formerly under Spanish influence. Never tried the deep-fried before - it sounds like an instant heart-attack :)

  3. There is NOTHING better than a good pork roast with the skin on! My heritage is German, so we've had it a few times for family dinners. It's very hard to find in Canada since the public perception is that pork is fatty and unhealthy.

    In Louisiana, they make cracklin (the skin and fat together) It's not as popular as pork rinds which is more like a potato chip, which is what Edie mentioned.

    Enjoy your "porky" Christmas!

  4. @Karen
    Thanks, it will be a porky feast :)
    I know how you feel, I also miss all the things from my home country. Strangely when I was living there, I couldn't care less :) Sometimes you have to learn how to appreciate things.

  5. Pork skin is definitely a popular treat here in NYC. Latin American roasts are popular and southern treats like crackling. Also there re some very tasty italian places that serve porchetta with skin. I LOVE it but it is definitely scarily fattening

  6. pork crackling is YUMMY! i love it and Georgia would never get any because it'll never fall off my plate!

    Have a great Christmas Leo, Viva and Kenzo [with or without snow]! HUGS from a [finally]sunny Sydney x

  7. @tubby3dog and @GLP
    As well ?! It more seems like Holland is the last place on earth not eating pork skin. I'll promiss to finish my plate tonight :)

    And thanks for all the wishes! Hugs back 2 u!

  8. No snow here either! Toby is very disappointed.

    Merry Christmas!

    Michelle and Toby
    @ My Tail Hurts From Wagging So much

  9. I hate to sound like a total carnivore but a pig skin dinner sounds lovely!

    We are "lucky" to have lots of snow this year. I have a feeling it will stick around for tomorrow morning too. Happy holidays to you and your familiy!

  10. Have a Merry Christmas, Leo, Kenzo and Viva!Enjoy your food, family...and not having to trod through snow! (Maybe that one will be your New Year's gift;D)

  11. @Michelle
    Poor Toby, I wish you a lot of snow!

    LOL, a carnivore :) I hope I didn't disgust my veggie readers too much :(

    Thank you! and that sounds like a nice dream to us :)

  12. Thank for mentioning our blog!

    Pork with the skin still attached is something we greatly enjoy here in Norway as well. We were never Spanish, but we were Danish for nearly 400 years so it might be you we've got it from (well, not you...). We call the crispy skin "svor".

    You said once you wanted to move to west Norway. You won't get much snow there. They're having storms these days. Rarely get proper snow.

    Enjoy the rest of the holidays. Let the snow start falling!

  13. I'm not sure I could eat pork with the skin still attached - my husband likes crackling, which just deep fried pork skin. LOL - I think it is all the way we were raised.


  14. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  15. stopping by today to wish you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! it's been a fragmented blogging year for me but i hope to catch up and read more of your lovely stories again in 2012.

    all the best to you, Kenzo and Viva! :) x

    p.s. i hope you've had some pork crackling by now lol.


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