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Saturday, December 3, 2011

There Will Be No Small Kenzo's

But she is still my girl
Kenzo is getting neutered. Yes, we did embark on a project to show him, get his mental- and health state tested. And maybe it would lead to small Kenzo's, eventually. But we are going to leave that path.

I hoped it would take a year, and in that time Viva would only come in season twice. Not that we want to breed Kenzo with Viva, her health doesn't allow to be bred and neither does it allow a risky surgery getting her spayed. But the issue is that Kenzo with his manhood intact just goes through the roof when Viva is in season.

During Viva's season period he is howling and whining and only stops from pure exhaustion. He hardly eats, drops a lot of pounds and doesn't find joy in many other activities. Not even tracking which he loves so much otherwise. For us it is heart breaking to see him that way and we worry for his health.

Normally a female dog would come in season once every half a year. If the project would take a year, it would have meant we had to go through two more episodes. I thought we could handle that. But Viva changed the plan. Since we started, Viva has been in season three times, meaning she is in season every other month.

Every other month. Thats just too much, and not something I want to put both Kenzo & Viva through on such a regular basis. So Kenzo is getting neutered. There is a risk it will not change his anxiety when Viva comes in season. We tried chemical castration, and it had no effect on his behavior otherwise than that he was shooting blanks. But since we cannot spay Viva without risking she wouldn't survive the operation, I can't see any other options.

Their will be no small Kenzo's. In many, many years from now when he would have passed away, it would have made us happy knowing his unique spirit was living on inside some small Kenzo's enjoying their own life. A nice thought. As long at it doesn't hold us back from enjoying the life we have now. I guess giving birth offers a touch of immortality and therefore can blur our judgment sometimes.

Kenzo can have a more fulfilling life with joy and fun, doing the things he wants to do, than being bothered by what he needs to do. I am here. Kenzo and Viva are here, lets make the best out of it, right now.


  1. First -- I love your new banner! It's great that you added Viva to the blog picture.

    I didn't realize you weren't able to spay Viva for health reasons; that's tough. You're making the right decision but I imagine it must be very disappointing.

    Did you think of freezing some of Kenzo's sperm? I'm not kidding. Just because Kenzo can't reproduce in the classic way doesn't mean his blood line has to end. Of course I have no clue how that would be achieved but technology is amazing these days...

  2. I think you made the right decision it would be nearly impossible to keep him away from your unspayed female but I know it must be disapointing. Perhaps a show golden in the future would work out

  3. That is so awesome of you to put both of your dogs' wellbeings ahead of you original plan. Many people would not have, as you know. I'm sorry that you must be so disapointed, but again, you should also know you are doing such a selfless thing for your dogs.

  4. @Edie
    Thanks for your suggestion, I will have to give that some thought, and how that would work in the EU. Glad you liked the banner :)

    @tubby3pugs and @Donna
    Thanks for your nice words!

  5. oh Leo, you sound a little sad.

    you'll find another hovawart or dog to love when that day arrives. it might not be Kenzo or a small Kenzo, but you'll still find love for it, for sure.

    i hope the op goes well. i only know ONE un-neutered dog here :) and he's pretty old. thank goodness Georgia is spayed because he likes her A Lot ;p

  6. @georgia
    That is a good thought. It will probably be a whole other "character" and I am sure he/she will be just as special for me.

    And who doesn't like Georgia! Good she is spayed:)

  7. Sometimes that is the best, although hardest decision to make. We wanted the same with Sam, and in the end, decided he would be happier being neutered. ...and your right, Sam is 9, and I wish dearly I could have a little Sam with me when he is gone.


  8. Good decision, hard but for the best in this situation. Gorgeous photo!

  9. So many people don't think of the frustration intact dogs experience. Their drive is so strong.

    I appreciate your compassion for your dogs--even when it means letting go of other dreams.

    While you're processing your thoughts about not having a young Kenzo to follow in his dad's footsteps, you might like to read John Wostendiek's Dog, Inc. It's about people cloning their dogs to keep a bit of the dog they loved with them.

    It's a thoughtful and interesting book. I bet you'd enjoy it.

  10. Such a tough situation... sounds like you're making the right choice though.

  11. @Sam
    Thanks for letting me know. I can only imagine how difficult it still must be. I will probably follow your footsteps I am afraid. I hope you can find comfort in letting Sam enjoying his life to the fullest. Kudos.

  12. @Pamela
    Cloning wouldn't cross my mind though :)
    But thanks for the book tip, I will get my hands on it, the thougt process nust be similar

  13. @bassetmomma and @PupFan
    Thanks "it is comforting you can support my decision

  14. It must be so hard to see Kenzo suffer, and it seems this is the best option for both dogs. We wish Kenzo a speedy recovery from the procedure, and Ty and Buster say "welcome to the club, buddy!"

  15. @Amy
    Thanks! I am sure he will be OK, just made an appointment with the vet for coming friday. He is in good company with Ty and Buster :)

  16. It sounds like things are very stressful for everyone at the moment. I was going to suggest, however, have you thought about having the suprelorin implant? This chemical castrates a dog for about 6 months. It is possible that Kenzo already has a habit of being 'nuts' about Viva being in season, and that desexing won't fix it... The Suprelorin will mean that you can see if Kenzo's behaviour is only hormonally driven, or if there is some learnt behaviour, as well.

    Also, with the Suprelorin, they still have their balls, so they can still be shown.

    Also, you COULD collect semen from Kenzo before hand, so you COULD have small Kenzos in the future.

    Just giving you some other options, though it does seem like you are committed to castration.

    Best wishes.

  17. @Tegan
    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. We tried the suprelorin and not with the results we hoped for. All you mention are viable alternatives, yet I decided not to do it as I would do it for myself, not for K&V. I hope this will give them some peace. Would it not help there is still the option of spaying Viva, if we get her liver in order. The vet also argued that it might effect her with Kenzo's neutering, and let her go back to normal cycle's. If not spaying could still be a necessary evil as she is wearing herself out. It is not good for her red bloodcount in relation to her Cushing's condition. With Viva, it always remains a puzzle whats best to do with her fragile health.

  18. Hey Kenzo,

    Sorry, just got back on your blog today and remembered I had left a comment. I think he's already been neutered, so I hope he's doing well. :) I'm glad to see you considered many options, and I hope your house calms down!

    There's a lot of hope in that paragraph - but you know what I mean. :)



  19. @Tegan
    Yes he is neutered and doing well. Here are some pics of him right after the surgery:
    Now lets see if it helps.
    Thanks for your good thoughts!


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