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Monday, May 27, 2013

Kenzo The Saluki

When I found out an actual Saluki sighthound was used in the "re-creation" of the Hovawart, I started looking at Kenzo for clues of such an ancestry. And indeed, when he uses all the muscles in his face to retract that, otherwise beautiful, Newfoundland facial skin, it does show:

Can you discover our Saluki roots in your Hovawart too?



  1. Last week-end we were on holiday far from home, and we needed urgently a vet for Maya (a spike in her ear). As soon as we got in, he said: Oh, a saluki!! (He didn't know hovawart breed, so I explained the history).

  2. I think River may have the speed of a saluki - she is sooooo fast!


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